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Health, Health Insurance and the Labor Market
". . . that the labor force status of an individual will be affected by his health is an unassailable proposition [because] a priori reasoning and casual observation tell us it must be so, not
Health Insurance Eligibility, Utilization of Medical Care, and Child Health
Examination of the utilization and health effects of eligibility for public insurance in the U.S. finds that eligibility for Medicaid significantly increased the utilization of medical care along a number of dimensions, and rising Medicaid eligibility is associated with reductions in racial disparities in the number of visits and in child inequalities in the site at which care is delivered.
Saving Babies: The Efficacy and Cost of Recent Changes in the Medicaid Eligibility of Pregnant Women
A detailed simulation model of each state's Medicaid policy during this era is built and it is suggested that targeted changes in Medicaid eligibility, which were restricted to specific low-income groups, had much larger effects on birth out-comes than broader expansions of eligibility to women with higher income levels.
Air Pollution and Infant Health: Lessons from New Jersey
First Do No Harm?: Tort Reform and Birth Outcomes
We examine the impact of tort reforms using U.S. birth records for 1989-2001. We make four contributions: First, we develop a model that analyzes the incentives created by specific tort reforms.
Air Pollution and Infant Health: What Can We Learn from California's Recent Experience?
We examine the impact of air pollution on infant death in California over the 1990s. Our work offers several innovations: First, many previous studies examine populations subject to far greater
Are Public Housing Projects Good for Kids?
One of the goals of federal housing policy is to improve the prospects of children in poor families. But little research has been conducted into the effects of participation in housing programs on
Environmental Health Risks and Housing Values: Evidence from 1,600 Toxic Plant Openings and Closings.
Applying a research design based on the openings and closings of 1,600 industrial plants to rich data on housing markets and infant health, it is found that toxic air emissions affect air quality only within 1 mile of the plant.
Sharing the Costs: The Impact of Trade Reform on Capital and Labor in Morocco
We examine the impact of recent trade reforms. Although employment in the average private sector manufacturing firm was unaffected, there were significant employment losses to exporters and highly
The Local Economic and Welfare Consequences of Hydraulic Fracturing
Exploiting geological variation within shale deposits and timing in the initiation of hydraulic fracturing, this paper finds that allowing fracing leads to sharp increases in oil and gas recovery and