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The Victorian celebration of death
The genesis of Victorian attitudes to death the beginnings of reform and the first great cemeteries in Britain more cemeteries crisis, uncertainty and change more private, and some public, cemeteries
A dictionary of architecture
From Aalto to Ziggurat, this work is an accessible guide to architecture and its history. The book contains over 3500 entries and covers all periods of Western architectural history, from ancient
Egyptomania: The Egyptian Revival : A Recurring Theme in the History of Taste
This study analyzes the influences of ancient Egypt on the art, architecture and design of Europe. It begins with a consideration of the ancient civilization of the Nile Valley and demonstrates the
The Oxford Dictionary of Architecture
‘a valuable piece of scholarship, and the definitive reference work on architecture and landscape design’ – Hannah Malone, Architectural History Over 5,000 entries Beautifully illustrated
Norwich Castle: Excavations and Historical Survey 1987-98. Part III A Zooarchaeological Study
This is Part III of the Norwich Castle report (EAA 132). Although Parts I and II both contain summary accounts of the faunal remains, setting them into their wider context and including additional
A celebration of death: An introduction to some of the buildings, monuments, and settings of funerary architecture in the Western European tradition
This book describes and illustrates funerary architecture, monuments, memorials, and mausolea, together with the landscapes of cemeteries, from classical antiquity to the 20th century. The subjects
The Mystery of the Hanging Garden of Babylon
Book Review dealing with the true site of the Hanging Garden, not in Babylon, but in Nineveh by Stephanie Dalley
The Egyptian Revival