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Reefs, sand and reef-like sand: A comparison of the benthic biodiversity of habitats in the Dutch Borkum Reef Grounds
Abstract Reefs play an important role in the distribution of species associated with hard substrates and are of value for biodiversity conservation. High densities of the habitat building annelidExpand
Benthic biodiversity on old platforms, young wind farms, and rocky reefs
The introduction of artificial hard substrates in an area dominated by a sandy seabed increases habitat available to epifouling organisms. To investigate this, samples were taken on old offshoreExpand
RECON: Reef effect structures in the North Sea, islands or connections? : Summary report
Authors: Coolen, J.W.P. & R.G. Jak (eds.). With contributions from: J.W.P. Coolen, B.E. van der Weide, J. Cuperus, P. Luttikhuizen, M. Schutter, M. Dorenbosch, F. Driessen, W. Lengkeek, M. Blomberg,Expand
First record of Harmothoe aspera (Hansen, 1879) (Polychaeta: Polynoidae) in the Dutch North Sea
Harmothoe aspera has been recorded in surveys off the Strait of Georgia, the Skagerrak, and the Barents, Mediterranean and Japanese sea, and this is the first report in the Dutch Exclusive Economic Zone. Expand
Records of five bryozoan species from offshore gas platforms rare for the Dutch North Sea
Four out of thirteen observed species are considered as rare in the Netherlands, whereas Cribrilina punctata is a new species for Dutch waters. Expand
Species delimitation and DNA barcoding of Atlantic Ensis (Bivalvia, Pharidae)
This work studied whether the currently accepted Atlantic Ensis morphospecies are different evolutionary lineages, to clarify their taxonomic status and enable molecular identifications through DNA barcoding, and suggests COI as the most suitable DNA barcode forAtlantic Ensis. Expand
Recent observations of the introduced Fenestrulina delicia Winston, Hayward & Craig, 2000 (Bryozoa) in Western Europe
SUMMARY - Recent observations of the introduced Fenestrulina delicia Winston, Hayward & Craig, 2000 (Bryozoa) in Western Europe We detail the discovery of recently established immigrant populationsExpand
First record of Syllis vittata (Polychaeta: Syllidae) in the Dutch North Sea
Syllis vittata is reported for the first time in the Dutch EEZ. Expand