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Smelling Faults in Spreadsheets
Despite being staggeringly error prone, spreadsheets are a highly flexible programming environment that is widely used in industry. In fact, spreadsheets are widely adopted for decision making, andExpand
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From spreadsheets to relational databases and back
This paper presents techniques and tools to transform spreadsheets into relational databases and back. A set of data refinement rules is introduced to map a tabular datatype into a relationalExpand
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Automatically Inferring ClassSheet Models from Spreadsheets
Many errors in spreadsheet formulas can be avoided if spreadsheets are built automatically from higher-level models that can encode and enforce consistency constraints. However, designing such modelsExpand
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Bidirectional Transformation of Model-Driven Spreadsheets
Spreadsheets play an important role in software organizations. Indeed, in large software organizations, spreadsheets are not only used to define sheets containing data and formulas, but also toExpand
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jStanley: Placing a Green Thumb on Java Collections
Software developers are more and more eager to understand their code's energy performance. However, even with such knowledge it is difficult to know how to improve the code. Indeed, little toolExpand
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FaultySheet Detective: When Smells Meet Fault Localization
This paper presents a tool, dubbed Faulty Sheet Detective, for aiding in spreadsheet fault localization, which combines the detection of bad smells with a generic spectrum-based fault localizationExpand
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Towards a Catalog of Spreadsheet Smells
Spreadsheets are considered to be the most widely used programming language in the world, and reports have shown that 90% of real-world spreadsheets contain errors. In this work, we try toExpand
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MDSheet: A framework for model-driven spreadsheet engineering
In this paper, we present MDSheet, a framework for the embedding, evolution and inference of spreadsheet models. This framework offers a model-driven software development mechanism for spreadsheetExpand
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SmellSheet detective: A tool for detecting bad smells in spreadsheets
This tool demo paper presents SmellSheet Detective: a tool for automatically detecting bad smells in spreadsheets. We have defined a catalog of bad smells in spreadsheet data which was fullyExpand
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A Quality Model for Spreadsheets
In this paper we present a quality model for spreadsheets based on the ISO/IEC 9126 standard that defines a generic quality model for software. To each of the software characteristics defined in theExpand
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