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On the analytical approach for modeling photovoltaic systems behavior
Abstract The 1-diode/2-resistors electric circuit equivalent to a photovoltaic system is analyzed. The equations at particular points of the I–V curve are studied considering the maximum number ofExpand
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New method for analytical photovoltaic parameter extraction
Correct modeling of the equivalent circuits regarding solar cell and panels is today an essential tool for power optimization. However, the parameter extraction of those circuits is still a quiteExpand
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Explicit Expressions for Solar Panel Equivalent Circuit Parameters Based on Analytical Formulation and the Lambert W-Function
Due to the high dependence of photovoltaic energy efficiency on environmental conditions (temperature, irradiation...), it is quite important to perform some analysis focusing on the characteristicsExpand
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The Cup Anemometer, a Fundamental Meteorological Instrument for the Wind Energy Industry
The cup anemometer has been used widely by the wind energy industry since its early beginning, covering two fundamental aspects: wind mill performance control and wind energy production forecast.Expand
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The Cup Anemometer, a Fundamental Meteorological Instrument for the Wind Energy Industry. Research at the IDR/UPM Institute
The results of several research campaigns investigating cup anemometer performance carried out since 2008 at the IDR/UPM Institute are included in the present paper. Several analysis of large seriesExpand
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Simple mathematical approach to solar cell/panel behavior based on datasheet information
A new explicit mathematical expression is used to describe the behavior of a photovoltaic device (solar cell/panel), that is, its I-V curve, based on the characteristic points normally included inExpand
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NOMAD spectrometer on the ExoMars trace gas orbiter mission: part 2-design, manufacturing, and testing of the ultraviolet and visible channel.
NOMAD is a spectrometer suite on board the ESA/Roscosmos ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter, which launched in March 2016. NOMAD consists of two infrared channels and one ultraviolet and visible channel,Expand
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Aerodynamic Analysis of Cup Anemometers Performance: The Stationary Harmonic Response
The effect of cup anemometer shape parameters, such as the cups' shape, their size, and their center rotation radius, was experimentally analyzed. This analysis was based on both the calibrationExpand
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On the harmonic analysis of cup anemometer rotation speed: A principle to monitor performance and maintenance status of rotating meteorological sensors
Abstract The calibration results of one anemometer equipped with several rotors, varying their size, were analyzed. In each case, the 30-pulses pert turn output signal of the anemometer was studiedExpand
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Improved analytical method to study the cup anemometer performance
The cup anemometer rotor aerodynamics is analytically studied based on the aerodynamics of a single cup. The effect of the rotation on the aerodynamic force is included in the analytical model,Expand
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