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The two young star disks in the central parsec of the galaxy: properties, dynamics and formation
We report the definite spectroscopic identification of 40 OB supergiants, giants and main sequence stars in the central parsec of the Galaxy. Detection of their absorption lines have become possibleExpand
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A gas cloud on its way towards the supermassive black hole at the Galactic Centre
Measurements of stellar orbits provide compelling evidence that the compact radio source Sagittarius A* at the Galactic Centre is a black hole four million times the mass of the Sun. With theExpand
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Massive black hole binary mergers within subparsec scale gas discs
We study the efficiency and dynamics of supermassive black hole binary mergers driven by angular momentum loss to small-scale gas discs. Such binaries form after major galaxy mergers, but their fateExpand
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Dissecting X-ray–Emitting Gas Around the Center of Our Galaxy
The Galaxy Center in X-rays At the center of our Galaxy there is a black hole 4-million-fold more massive than the Sun. Wang et al. (p. 981; see the Perspective by Schnittman) report x-ray data onExpand
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Limiting eccentricity of subparsec massive black hole binaries surrounded by self-gravitating gas discs
We study the dynamics of supermassive black hole binaries embedded in circumbinary gaseous discs, with the SPH code GADGET-2. The sub-parsec binary (of total mass M and mass ratio q = 1/3) hasExpand
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Variable accretion and emission from the stellar winds in the Galactic Centre
We present numerical simulations of stellar wind dynamics in the central parsec of the Galactic Centre, studying in particular the accretion of gas on to Sgr A ∗ , the supermassive black hole. Expand
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Galactic Centre stellar winds and Sgr A* accretion
We present a detailed discussion of our new 3D numerical models for the accretion of stellar winds on to Sgr A ∗ . Expand
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Simulations of star formation in a gaseous disc around Sgr A* - A failed active galactic nucleus
We numerically model fragmentation of a gravitationally unstable gaseous disc under conditions that may be appropriate for the formation of the young massive stars observed in the central parsec of our Galaxy. Expand
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The massive stars in the Galactic center inner arcsecond share analogous properties with the so-called Hot Jupiters. Most of these young stars have highly eccentric orbits and were probably notExpand
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Science with the Cherenkov Telescope Array
The Cherenkov Telescope Array, CTA, will be the major global observatory for very high energy gamma-ray astronomy over the next decade and beyond. The scientific potential of CTA is extremely broad:Expand
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