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XORs in the air: practical wireless network coding
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BUBBLE Rap: Social-Based Forwarding in Delay-Tolerant Networks
The increasing penetration of smart devices with networking capability form novel networks. Such networks, also referred as pocket switched networks (PSNs), are intermittently connected and representExpand
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A survey and comparison of peer-to-peer overlay network schemes
Over the Internet today, computing and communications environments are significantly more complex and chaotic than classical distributed systems, lacking any centralized organization or hierarchicalExpand
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Quality-of-Service Routing for Supporting Multimedia Applications
Several new architectures have been developed for supporting multimedia applications such as digital video and audio. However, quality-of-service (QoS) routing is an important element that is stillExpand
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Impact of Human Mobility on Opportunistic Forwarding Algorithms
We study data transfer opportunities between wireless devices carried by humans. We observe that the distribution of the intercontact time (the time gap separating two contacts between the same pairExpand
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Pocket switched networks and human mobility in conference environments
Pocket Switched Networks (PSN) make use of both human mobility and local/global connectivity in order to transfer data between mobile users' devices. This falls under the Delay Tolerant NetworkingExpand
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Impact of Human Mobility on the Design of Opportunistic Forwarding Algorithms
Studying transfer opportunities between wireless devices carried by humans, we observe that the distribution of the inter-contact time, that is the time gap separating two contacts of the same pairExpand
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Vigilante: end-to-end containment of internet worms
Worm containment must be automatic because worms can spread too fast for humans to respond. Recent work has proposed network-level techniques to automate worm containment; these techniques haveExpand
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Unikernels: library operating systems for the cloud
We present unikernels, a new approach to deploying cloud services via applications written in high-level source code. Unikernels are single-purpose appliances that are compile-time specialised intoExpand
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Our Twitter Profiles, Our Selves: Predicting Personality with Twitter
Psychological personality has been shown to affect a variety of aspects: preferences for interaction styles in the digital world and for music genres, for example. Consequently, the design ofExpand
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