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Enantiomeric Excesses in Meteoritic Amino Acids
Gas chromatographic-mass spectral analyses of the four stereoisomers of 2-amino-2,3-dimethylpentanoic acid (DL-α-methylisoleucine and DL-α-methylalloisoleucine) obtained from the Murchison meteoriteExpand
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Organic matter in meteorites: molecular and isotopic analyses of the Murchison meteorite.
Carbonaceous chondrites comprise a unique subset of meteorites. Two classes of carbonaceous chondrites, the so-called CI1 and CM2 chondrites, are particularly interesting, in part because of theirExpand
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Amino acids in meteorites.
Carbonaceous chondrites carry a record of chemical evolution that is unparalleled among presently accessible natural materials. Within the complex suite of organic compounds that characterize theseExpand
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Isotopic and molecular analyses of hydrocarbons and monocarboxylic acids of the Murchison meteorite.
The monocarboxylic acids and hydrocarbons of the Murchison meteorite (CM2) were isolated for isotopic analysis. The nonvolatile hydrocarbons were analyzed as crude methanol and benzene-methanolExpand
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Isotopic analyses of nitrogenous compounds from the Murchison meteorite: ammonia, amines, amino acids, and polar hydrocarbons.
The combined volatile bases (ammonia, aliphatic amines, and possibly other bases), ammonia, amino acids, and polar hydrocarbons were prepared from the Murchison meteorite for isotopic analyses. TheExpand
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Amino Acid Analyses of the Murchison, Murray, and Allende Carbonaceous Chondrites
Three carbonaceous chondrites were examined for water-extractable amino acids. The Murchison Murray specimens were found to be of similar amino acid composition. This similarity suggests that theseExpand
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Linear and cyclic aliphatic carboxamides of the Murchison meteorite: hydrolyzable derivatives of amino acids and other carboxylic acids.
Analyses of fractionated aqueous extracts of the Murchison meteorite by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry after silylation with N-methyl-N (tert-butyldimethylsilyl) trifluoroacetamide haveExpand
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Isotopic analyses of amino acids from the Murchison meteorite.
Previous isotopic analyses of the total amino acids of the Murchison meteorite showed these compounds to be substantially enriched in 2H, 13C, and 15N relative to terrestrial organic matter. TheseExpand
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Amino Acid Enantiomer Excesses in Meteorites: Origin and Significance
Abstract The presence of small l -excesses in both of the two enantiomeric pairs of 2-amino-2,3-dimethylpentanoic acid, in 2-amino-2-methylbutanoic acid (Isovaline), and in 2-amino-2-methylpentanoicExpand
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Non-racemic amino acids in the Murray and Murchison meteorites.
Small (1.0-9.2%) L-enantiomer excesses were found in six alpha-methyl-alpha-amino alkanoic acids from the Murchison (2.8-9.2%) and Murray (1.0-6.0%) carbonaceous chondrites by gas chromatography-massExpand
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