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The dual dynamics of policy advisory systems: The impact of externalization and politicization on policy advice
Abstract The concept of “policy advisory systems” was introduced by Halligan in 1995 as a way to characterize and analyze the multiple sources of policy advice utilized by governments inExpand
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Policy formulation, governance shifts and policy influence: location and content in policy advisory systems
Abstract Most studies of policy formulation focus on the nature and kind of advice provided to decision-makers and think of this as originating from a system of interacting elements: a “policyExpand
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Assessing 30 years of Westminster policy advisory system experience
With the 30th anniversary of the policy advisory systems concept on the horizon, it is an appropriate time to reflect further on the concept’s utility, particularly in helping to understand theExpand
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Catching a Second Wave: Context and Compatibility in Advisory System Dynamics: Policy Advisory System Dynamics
“Policy advisory systems” have been central to moving beyond individual actor considerations to assessments of the interactive effects of multiple interlocking sets of suppliers, in specificExpand
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Appointed political staffs and the diversification of policy advisory sources: Theory and evidence from Canada
Abstract Appointed political staffs were featured in the initial elaboration of the ‘policy advisory systems’ (PAS) model yet have received considerably less attention than other components. ThisExpand
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Assessing Policy Capacity for Climate Change Adaptation: Governance Arrangements, Resource Deployments, and Analytical Skills in Canadian Infrastructure Policy Making
Abstract This article examines the infrastructure policy sector’s capacity to respond to climate change adaptationthrough an analysis of the Canadian case. It includes a three-level examination ofExpand
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Sample Acquisition and Caching architecture for the Mars Sample Return mission
This paper presents a Mars Sample Return (MSR) Sample Acquisition and Caching (SAC) study developed for the three rover platforms: MER, MER+, and MSL. The study took into account 26 SAC requirementsExpand
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Revisiting the Gospel: Appointed Political Staffs and Core Executive Policy Coordination
This article argues appointed political staffs are important, yet understudied, mechanisms for core executive policy coordination. It suggests revisions to update core executive theory to betterExpand
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Rehabilitation of the Victorian Connaught Tunnel for London’s Crossrail project – design challenges
The Connaught Tunnel is a 19th-century brick-lined structure that has been renovated to facilitate the route of the southeast spur of London’s Crossrail project from Canary Wharf to Abbey Wood1. Expand