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A Multilevel Analysis of the Determinants of Recycling Behavior in the European Countries
Abstract The main objective of this study is to permit a better understanding of recycling as a function of both individual and contextual variables. Our cross-national study aims at examining howExpand
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Studying Political Behavior: A Comparison of Internet and Telephone Surveys
Despite the promise of Internet surveys, there are significant concerns about the representativeness of the sample and survey instrument effects. This article seeks to address these questions byExpand
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Electoral and Partisan Cycles in the Canadian Provinces
This study tests explanations of the growth of Canadian provincial governments that draw from the political budget cycle approach. The approach assumes that governments jointly respond to electoralExpand
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Tolerance, protest and democratic transition: Survey evidence from 13 post‐communist countries
.  Based on survey evidence in 13 post-communist countries of Central and Eastern Europe, we show that citizens who engage in protest activities are more tolerant than those who do not take part inExpand
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Explaining the Evolution of Government Size in the Canadian Provinces
Using time-series and time-series cross-section data from the 10 Canadian provinces, the authors test several competing explanations of government growth. Multivariate analyses reveal that theExpand
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The faint supernova remnant G 116.5+1.1 and the detection of a new candidate remnant
The extended supernova remnant G 116.5+1.1 was observed in the optical emission lines of Hα + (N ), (S ) and (O ); deep long slit spectra were also obtained. The morphology of the remnant'sExpand
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Factors influencing e-government use in non-urban areas
We found that attitude is strongly related to the intention to use e-government services in outlying regions in the Province of Quebec. Expand
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The Quebec 1995 constitutional referendum
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Measuring Government Growth in the Canadian Provinces: Decomposing Real Growth and Deflator Effects
In this paper, we argue that, when measuring government growth, we should distinguish among three growth phenomena: growth resulting from the broader scope of government activity, referred to as realExpand
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Networking for Safeguards Education
For nuclear technology, which involves many disciplines of science and engineering, knowledge is one of the most important resources and needs to be managed carefully. Knowledge management consistsExpand