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Breakthrough of the year. Small RNAs make big splash.
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Small RNAs Make Big Splash
Just when scientists thought they had deciphered the roles played by the cell9s leading actors, a familiar performer has turned up in a stunning variety of guises. RNA, long upstaged by its moreExpand
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New Mapping Project Splits the Community
GENOMICSA new type of genomic map, known as the haplotype map, promises to speed the search for elusive genes involved in complex diseases. But to many biologists, it's an untested concept hardlyExpand
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Magnificent Obsession
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As Gelsinger Case Ends, Gene Therapy Suffers Another Blow
Five years after 18-year-old Jesse Gelsinger died in a gene therapy experiment, the U.S. Department of Justice has reached a settlement with the researchers and with their institutions. TheExpand
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Cleaning Up the Paper Trail
Once an investigation is completed and the publicity dies down, what happens to fraudulent or suspect papers? In many cases, not much. (Read more.)
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Smart Weapons Prove Tough to Design
CANCER DRUGSData from several clinical trials of Iressa, an experimental drug in a new class of targeted cancer therapies, have been inconsistent, and some have been flatly disappointing. Even so, onExpand
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RNAi Shows Cracks in Its Armor
MOLECULAR BIOLOGYRNAi's tendency to influence genes and proteins that it's not designed to target is provoking questions and controversy, as scientists labor to solve the problem.
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Gene Tests for Psychiatric Risk Polarize Researchers
  • J. Couzin
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  • 18 January 2008
A small California company is the first to venture into psychiatric gene testing. But is the science ready?
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Cell biology: The ins and outs of exosomes.
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