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Contemporary geography dominates butterfly diversity gradients within the Aegean archipelago (Lepidoptera: Papilionoidea, Hesperioidea)
Aim  We compare the influence of contemporary geography and historical influences on butterfly diversity for islands in the Aegean archipelago. Location  The Aegean archipelago (Greece) andExpand
Butterflies of European islands: the implications of the geography and ecology of rarity and endemicity for conservation
Depending on their faunal content islands can function as important ‘vehicles’ for conservation. In this study, we examine data on 440 butterfly species over 564 European islands in 10 island groups.Expand
The chromosome number and karyotype of Polyommatus (Agrodiaetus) ripartii and Polyommatus (Agrodiaetus) aroaniensis from Greece (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae)
The material collected by Mr. M. Fibiger in Nepal in the summer of 1996 contained three species of Pterophoridae new to Science: Amblyptilia fibigeri sp. n., A. skoui sp. n. and Platyptilia gandakiExpand
A revision of the superspecies Hipparchia azorina and of the Hipparchia aristaeus group lNymphalidaec Satyrinaer
Arguments for the monophyly of Hipparchia (sensu Kudrna, 1977) and Parahipparchia are discussed : the latter taxon consists of one superspecies and two species groups. The Hipparchia semele group isExpand
First record of Cacyreus marshalli in Greece, and comments on the potential occurrence of Zizeeria karsandra on the Greek island of Crete (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae)
A thriving colony of Cacyreus marshalli (Butler, 1898) is reported for the first time from Greece. The butterflies appeared in large numbers in late summer and throughout autumn of 2009 in parklandExpand
The male genitalia of N American Icaricia lupini and I. acmon; how they differ from each other and how they compare to those of the other two members of the group, I. neurona and I. shasta
The male genitalia of Icaricia lupini and I. acmon are figured and described, and their differences shown, providing a better means for proper identification of these two morphologically similarExpand
Skippers, Butterflies and Burnet moths from the Greek island of Samothráki, in late June (Lepidoptera: Hesperioidea, Papilionoidea and Zygaenidae)
Samenvatting. Dagvlinders en Zygaenidae van het Griekse eiland Samothraki einde juni (Lepidoptera: Hesperioidea, Papilionoidea en Zygaenidae). Het Griekse eiland Samothraki ligt in het noorden van deExpand