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A Unifying Reference Framework for multi-target user interfaces
This paper describes a framework that serves as a reference for classifying user interfaces supporting multiple targets, or multiple contexts of use in the field of context-aware computing. In thisExpand
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Four easy pieces for assessing the usability of multimodal interaction: the CARE properties
We propose the CARE properties as a simple way of characterisin g and assessing aspects of multimodal interaction: the Complementarity, Assignment, Redundancy, and Equivalence that may occur betweenExpand
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Context is key
Context is not simply the state of a predefined environment with a fixed set of interaction resources. It's part of a process of interacting with an ever-changing environment composed ofExpand
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PAC, an Object Oriented Model for Dialog Design
PAC is an implementation model that attempts to bridge the gap between the abstract sphere of theoretical models and the practical affairs of building user interfaces. It takes as a basis theExpand
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A design space for multimodal systems: concurrent processing and data fusion
Multimodal interaction enables the user to employ different modalities such as voice, gesture and typing for communicating with a computer. This paper presents an analysis of the integration ofExpand
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Plasticity of User Interfaces: Framework and Research Agenda
This paper introduces the notion of plasticity, a new property of interactive systems that denotes a particular type of user interface adaptation. Plasticity is the capacity of a user interface toExpand
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A Unifying Reference Framework for the Development of Plastic User Interfaces
The increasing proliferation of computational devices has introduced the need for applications to run on multiple platforms in different physical environments. Providing a user interface speciallyExpand
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CAMELEON-RT: A Software Architecture Reference Model for Distributed, Migratable, and Plastic User Interfaces
This paper defines the problem space of distributed, migratable and plastic user interfaces, and presents CAMELEON-RT, a technical answer to the problem. CAMELEON-RT1 is an architecture referenceExpand
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From single-user architectural design to PAC*: a generic software architecture model for CSCW
This article nqmts our tiection on softsvam amhiteetm modelling for multi-user systems (or groupware).Fi~ w introduce t.k notion of software architecture and make explieit the design steps that mostExpand
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Developing software for the user interface
  • L. Bass, J. Coutaz
  • Computer Science
  • The SEI series in software engineering / Software…
  • 1991
From the Publisher: This book provides the information needed to design and build user interface software. Focusing on software engineering needs, rather than human factors issues, the book'sExpand
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