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The New Testament World
In this companion volume to John Rogerson and Philip Davies' "The Old Testament World", the authors give a balanced presentation of the early Christian texts and illuminate the New TestamentExpand
Approaching the Apocalypse: A Short History of Christian Millenarianism
Embracing two thousand years of intense and fiery admonition, "Approaching the Apocalypse" offers students of religion, history and politics the definitive handbook to Doomsday. Ideas aboutExpand
Reading the New Testament
Preface. 1. Introduction: On Reading the Bible 2. Historical Reading 3. Narrative Theology 4. Short Stories and their Structure 5. Intertexuality 6. Rhetoric 7. The Text in a Social Context 8.Expand
The Book of Revelation and the Johannine Apocalyptic Tradition
This original and unusual book investigates a continuing Johannine apocalyptic tradition, represented in three strange Greek texts that are also linked to a Coptic manuscript. None of the Greek textsExpand
Book Reviews : Social Context of the Revelation
The role of the historical-critical method in study of the Bible has come under much scrutiny in recent years. Often there has been tension between the alleged quest for objectivity ofExpand