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A newly revised classification of the protozoa.
The present scheme is a considerable revision of the Society's 1964 classification, and it is hoped that the present classification incorporates most of the major changes that will be made for some time, and that it will be used for many years by both protozoologist and non-protozoologists.
The Problem of Homonyms among Generic Names of Ciliated Protozoa, with Proposal of Several New Names*
Thirty-five genera of ciliated protozoa have been given names preoccupied by the generic names of other animal organisms, and replacement names are proposed in accordance with provisions of the International Rules of Zoological Nomenclature.
Biodiversity and Biocomplexity of the Protists and an Overview of Their Significant Roles in Maintenance of Our Biosphere
The present review article reminds readers that far from complete knowledge of protistan taxonomic and phylogenetic interrelationships, as well as of their ecology, physiology, biochemistry, and molecular and evolutionary biology, hinders rapid progress in better understanding of their multiple roles in sustaining today's biosphere.