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The Trypanosomes of Mammals
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A newly revised classification of the protozoa.
The subkingdom Protozoa now inclues over 65,000 named species, of which over half are fossil and approximately 10,000 are parasitic. Among living species, this includes approximately 250 parasiticExpand
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Aquatic Oligochaeta of the World
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Practical methods in electron microscopy
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Biodiversity and Biocomplexity of the Protists and an Overview of Their Significant Roles in Maintenance of Our Biosphere
Summary. The ubiquitous and very numerous protists, eukaryotic organisms mostly unicellular in structure and small in size, play numerous roles of importance that are often neglected or overlooked inExpand
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Methods in Cell Biology, Vol. 6
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The Problem of Homonyms among Generic Names of Ciliated Protozoa, with Proposal of Several New Names*
SYNOPSIS. Over ninety genera of ciliated protozoa have been given names preoccupied by the generic names of other animal organisms. To date some sixty of these junior homonyms never have beenExpand
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The kingdom Protista and its 45 phyla.
Because most recent treatments of the protists ('lower' eukaryotes comprising the kingdom PROTISTA Haeckel, 1866) have been preoccupied with either a 'phylogenetic-tree' approach or a discussion ofExpand
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