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Sea spray influences water chemical composition of Mediterranean semi-natural springs
Abstract Sea spray aerosol (SSA) is responsible for the large-scale transfer of particles from the sea to the land, leading to significant deposition of a range of ions, predominantly Na+, K+, Mg2+,Expand
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Towards a moss sclerophylly continuum: Evolutionary history, water chemistry and climate control traits of hygrophytic mosses
Mosses are amongst the oldest and simplest plants, they can be found almost everywhere in the world, and they condition the structure and function of many ecosystems. Their sensitivity toExpand
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Single-Pass Soil Moisture Retrievals Using GNSS-R: Lessons Learned
In this paper, an algorithm to retrieve surface soil moisture from GNSS-R (Global Navigaton Satellite System Reflectometry) observations is presented. Expand
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Nitrate pollution reduces bryophyte diversity in Mediterranean springs.
Anthropogenic activities and intensive farming are causing nitrate pollution in groundwater bodies. These aquifers are drained by springs which, in the Mediterranean region, act as refugia forExpand
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Cumaceans (Crustacea) of the Medes Islands (Catalonia, Spain) with special attention to the genera Bodotria and Iphione
SUMMARY: A total of 34 hauls of cumaceans obtained by means of an artificial-light epibenthic trap were studied. More than 80,000 specimens of 17 species belonging to four families were obtained. TheExpand
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El nitrat de les fonts del Lluçanès: efectes sobre les comunitats de briòfits (molses i hepàtiques)
Les fonts alberguen complexes comunitats d’essers vius que busquen aigua constant. Tanmateix, l’exces de nitrat dels aquifers subjacents podria afectar la riquesa d’especies presents, sobretot lesExpand
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Cartografía de calizas con datos hiperespectrales AISA Eagle II en una zona montañosa con vegetación densa: cómo orientar geológicamente la corrección atmosférica
Carbonated rocks are crucial targets for oil exploration, outcropping often in large areas with minimum spectral differences among geological units. The typical carbonate spectral absorptions in 2200Expand