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Motivations for becoming a police officer: Re-assessing officer attitudes and job satisfaction after six years on the street☆
Few studies had examined the stability of motivations for becoming a police officer over time, especially among minority and female officers. Moreover, research had not explored the links betweenExpand
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Quantitative analysis of actin patch movement in yeast.
To investigate the mechanism of cortical actin patch movement in yeast, we implement a method for computer tracking the motion of the patches. Digital images from fluorescence microscope movies ofExpand
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End versus side branching by Arp2/3 complex.
We investigate the issue of end versus side branching of actin filaments by Arp2/3 complex, using a combination of analytic theory, polymerization assays, and quantitative modeling. The analyticExpand
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Abstract Administrators, directors of admissions, and corporate offices of nursing homes must become better marketers to survive sweeping changes in the industry. An essential part of their marketingExpand
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The Cost of Substance Abuse: The Use of Administrative Data to Investigate Treatment Benefits in a Rural Mountain State
Abstract: Findings from cost-benefit evaluations have suggested that the cost of substance abuse treatment is covered by the economic benefits to society. In this research we measure the economicExpand
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Noble cause corruption as a consequence of role conflict in the police organisation
This article proposes a theoretical framework with which to examine and understand noble cause corruption. Specifically, it draws on the social psychological work of Katz and Kahn, integrating roleExpand
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The Biosocial Underpinnings to Adolescent Victimization
Behavioral genetic research has consistently revealed that antisocial behaviors are due partially to genetic factors and partially to environmental factors. Even in light of these findings,Expand
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Exploring the Nexus of Officer Race/Ethnicity, Sex and Job Satisfaction: The Case of the NYPD
We consider officer satisfaction and explore whether satisfaction with various aspects of the job differs across officer race/ethnicity and sex. We do so using a unique data set of New York CityExpand
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