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A Course in Functional Analysis
This book is an introductory text in functional analysis, aimed at the graduate student with a firm background in integration and measure theory. Unlike many modern treatments, this book begins with
Functions of a Complex Variable
In earlier chapters, complex-valued functions appeared in connection with Fourier series expansions. In this context, while the function assumes complex values, the argument of the function is
The theory of subnormal operators
Preliminaries Subnormal operators: The elementary theory Function theory on the unit circle Hyponormal operators Uniform rational approximation Weak-star rational approximation Some structure theory
A course in operator theory
Introduction to C*-algebras Normal operators Compact operators Some non-normal operators More on C*-algebras Compact perturbations Introduction to von Neumann algebras Reflexivity Bibliography Index
The Strict Topology and Compactness in the Space of Measures.
The strict topology j3 on the space C(S) of bounded complex valued continuous functions on a locally compact space 5 was introduced by R. C. Buck [ l ] and has been studied by Glicksberg [4] and
A Course in Point Set Topology
Metric Spaces.- Topological Spaces.- Continuous Real-Valued Functions.- Appendix.- Bibliography.- Terms.- Symbols.
Some planar isospectral domains
We give a number of examples of isospectral pairs of plane domains, and a particularly simple method of proving isospectrality. One of our examples is a pair of domains that are not only isospectral
Analytic Bounded Point Evaluations for Spaces of Rational Functions
Abstract For a compact subset of the complex plane K and a regular Borel measure μ supported on K, Rp(K, μ) denotes the closure in Lp(μ) of the rational functions with poles off K. This paper