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Life in a shrimp zone: aqua- and other cultures of Bangladesh's coastal landscape
This essay questions the possibilities of food sovereignty for producing a radical egalitarian politics. Specifically, it explores the class-differentiated implications of food sovereignty in a zoneExpand
The Limits of Microcredit— A Bangladesh Case
Microcredit has enormous potential as a tool for poverty alleviation. Yet as this strategy moves into the development mainstream there is an urgent need to reflect on its role in market-ledExpand
Coming to terms: Reinserting research assistants into ethnography’s past and present
Research assistants have long been central to ethnographic practice, yet the conventions of academic labor have left their roles under-stated and obscure. The implications, we opine, are bothExpand
Field dependencies: Mediation, addiction and anxious fieldwork at the India-Bangladesh border
This paper explores the politics of dependency in researcher–assistant relationships. By doing so, it reflects on how these dynamics are always already predicated on broad personal histories and aExpand
Aleatory Sovereignty and the Rule of Sensitive Spaces
Addressing life in borders and refugee camps requires understanding the way these spaces are ruled, the kinds of problems rule poses for the people who live there, and the abilities of inhabitants toExpand
Geographies at the margins: borders in South Asia–an introduction
This introduction to a special section exploring "Geographies at the Margins" of South Asia offers a discussion that links the literature on borders and margins to the regional complexities andExpand
Contested Credit Landscapes: microcredit, self-help and self-determination in rural Bangladesh
Abstract This paper makes a methodological and political intervention in debates over microcredit. It explores outcomes of microcredit interventions in the lives of residents of Arampur, a village inExpand
STAGING CLIMATE SECURITY: Resilience and Heterodystopia in the Bangladesh Borderlands
This essay interrogates an emergent genre of development projects that seek to instill resilience in populations likely to be severely impacted by climate change. These new projects venture a darkExpand
Histories of Belonging(s): Narrating Territory, Possession, and Dispossession at the India-Bangladesh Border*
  • J. Cons
  • History
  • Modern Asian Studies
  • 25 November 2011
Abstract This paper offers a history of belonging in Dahagram, a sovereign Bangladeshi enclave situated within India but close to the India-Bangladesh border. I recount Dahagram's post-PartitionExpand
Narrating boundaries: Framing and contesting suffering, community, and belonging in enclaves along the India–Bangladesh border
Abstract This paper explores the politics of community making at the India–Bangladesh border by examining the public and private narratives of history and belonging in a Bangladeshi enclave—aExpand