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Diversity in tropical rain forests and coral reefs.
  • J. Connell
  • Environmental Science, Medicine
  • Science
  • 24 March 1978
The commonly observed high diversity of trees in tropical rain forests and corals on tropical reefs is a nonequilibrium state which, if not disturbed further, will progress toward a low-diversityExpand
Mechanisms of Succession in Natural Communities and Their Role in Community Stability and Organization
In the majority of natural communities succession is frequently interrupted by major disturbances, such as fires, storms, insect plagues, etc., starting the process all over again, but if not interrupted, it eventually reaches a stage in which further change is on a small scale as individuals die and are replaced. Expand
The Influence of Interspecific Competition and Other Factors on the Distribution of the Barnacle Chthamalus Stellatus
Field observations on the daily routine and social behavior of common Indian monkeys, with special reference to the Bonnet monkey (Macaca radiata Geoff roy). Expand
A 30-year study of coral abundance, recruitment, and disturbance at several scales in space and time
The dynamics of abundance in this coral community can be largely understood through the variation in types and scales of disturbances that occurred, and the processes that took place where disturbances were rare. Expand
On the Prevalence and Relative Importance of Interspecific Competition: Evidence from Field Experiments
  • J. Connell
  • Biology
  • The American Naturalist
  • 1 November 1983
The present survey illustrates how difficult it is to produce a clear and unambiguous demonstration of interspecific competition. Expand
On the Evidence Needed to Judge Ecological Stability or Persistence
An analysis of census data from many long-term studies revealed a continuum of temporal variability in the dynamics of natural populations and communities, with no evidence of multiple stable states in unexploited natural populations or communities. Expand
The consequences of variation in initial settlement vs. post-settlement mortality in rocky intertidal communities
Site consistency argues that either settlement or early post-settlement mortality is determined by specific local physical conditions at a site, such as coastal morphology, internal waves, shore waves, currents, or by consistent abundances of natural enemies. Expand
Disturbance and recovery of coral assemblages
Abstract. Trends in the health of coral reefs worldwide were examined by surveying the literature for quantitative studies of coral abundance that were at least four years long and contained data onExpand
Diversity and the coevolution of competitors, or the ghost of competition past
The notion of coevolutionary shaping of competitors' niches has little support at present, and theory and evidence suggest that it is probable only in low diversity communities. Expand
Community Interactions on Marine Rocky Intertidal Shores
"The ultimate goal of an ecological survey should be to discover and measure the main dynamic relations between all organisms living on an area over some period of time" (Elton 31 ). This is a tallExpand