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Theory from the South: Or, How Euro-America is Evolving Toward Africa
‘The Global South’ has become a shorthand for the world of non-European, postcolonial peoples. Synonymous with uncertain development, unorthodox economies, failed states, and nations fraught withExpand
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Ethnography and the Historical Imagination.
Theory, Ethnography, Historiography * Ethnography and the Historical Imagination * Of Totemism and Ethnicity * Bodily Reform as Historical Practice Dialectical Systems, Imaginative Sociologies * TheExpand
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Occult economies and the violence of abstraction: notes from the South African postcolony
Postcolonial South Africa, like other postrevolutionary societies, appears to have witnessed a dramatic rise in occult economies: in the deployment, real or imagined, of magical means for materialExpand
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Rules and Processes: The Cultural Logic of Dispute in an African Context
"Rules and Processes" is at once a compelling essay in social theory and a pathbreaking ethnography of dispute in an African society. On the basis of a sensitive study of the Tswana of southernExpand
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Law and disorder in the postcolony
Are postcolonies haunted more by criminal violence than are other nation-states? In this paper, Jean and John Comaroff argue that the question is misplaced: the predicament of postcolonies arisesExpand
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Reflections on youth, from the past to the postcolony
Most often construed as a transhistorical, transcultural category, “youth” has in fact been constructed as a socio-cultural group through the narratives of modernity. However, as ambivalentExpand
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The End of Anthropology, Again: On the Future of an In/Discipline
ABSTRACT  The “End of Anthropology” has been predicted many times and for many different reasons—among them, its disappearing object of study, its political imbrication in colonialism, the loss ofExpand
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