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Hemodynamic and liver function predictors of serum hyaluronan in alcoholic liver disease
To define hepatic predictors of serum hyaluronan in patients with chronic liver disease, 62 patients with alcoholic liver disease were evaluated. In group 1, 30 patients had concurrent assessment ofExpand
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Early detection of protein depletion in alcoholic cirrhosis: role of body composition analysis.
BACKGROUND Malnutrition is common in alcoholic cirrhosis. Bedside nutritional assessment techniques may be unreliable in patients with chronic liver disease. The aim of this study was to quantifyExpand
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Norfloxacin treatment for clinically significant portal hypertension: results of a randomised double‐blind placebo‐controlled crossover trial
Background: While selective intestinal decontamination (SID) can alter the hyperdynamic circulatory state of cirrhosis, the impact of SID on portal pressure remains unclear especially in the settingExpand
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Increased sympathetic nervous activity and the effects of its inhibition with clonidine in alcoholic cirrhosis.
OBJECTIVE To study disturbances in sympathetic nervous system function in patients with alcoholic cirrhosis and the effect of clonidine on such disturbances. DESIGN Cross-sectional physiologic andExpand
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Hepatic extraction of morphine is impaired in cirrhosis
SummaryUsing hepatic vein catheterization this study has provided the first direct measurement of morphine hepatic extraction in 8 controls and 8 cirrhotics.The extraction ratio was 0.52 in theExpand
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Liver stiffness and the prediction of clinically significant portal hypertension and portal hypertensive complications
Abstract Objective. Clinically significant portal hypertension (CSPH) is associated with increased risk of liver disease complications, but its identification requires invasive methods. LiverExpand
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Relation between osmotically induced hepatocyte enlargement and portal hypertension.
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Glomerular hyperfiltration in patients with well-compensated alcoholic cirrhosis.
BACKGROUND Peripheral and splanchnic arteriolar tone is often decreased in patients with cirrhosis. The responsible circulating vasodilator(s) would be expected to also lower renal vascularExpand
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Alcohol-induced hepatomegaly: pathogenesis and role in the production of portal hypertension.
Hepatomegaly after chronic alcohol consumption results from an increase in cell size and not in cell number. About 50--60% of the increase in liver weight is accounted for by an increase inExpand
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Change in serum hyaluronan: a simple index of short-term drug-induced changes in hepatic sinusoidal perfusion.
BACKGROUND Hyaluronan is an endogenous polysaccharide whose clearance from the plasma is predominantly by liver sinusoidal cells and is sinusoidal flow dependent. This study was designed to determineExpand
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