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A Coprological Study of Parasitism in Orangutans (Pongo pygmaeus) in Indonesia
Fecal specimens from 89 orangutans (36 captive, 34 rehabilitant, and 19 wild) at different locations in Indonesia were examined. Strongyloides spp, Balantidium coli, and strongylid nematodes were theExpand
The Intestinal Entodiniomorph Ciliates of Wild Lowland Gorillas (Gorilla gorilla gorilla) in Gabon, West Africa
Examination of 109 fecal samples from wild lowland gorillas revealed the presence of five species of entodiniomorph ciliates: Troglodytella ahrassarti, Troglodytella gorillae, and three unclassifiedExpand
[New atractid nematode parasites of the chimpanzee and gorilla in Gabon].
Females of the genus Probstmayria, collected in feces of wild Chimpanzees and Gorillas, living in the Lope-Okanda reserve in Gabon, are described. The cephalic structures of P. gombensis File, 1976Expand
Entodiniomorphid ciliates from the wild lowland gorilla with the description of a new genus and three new species.
The entodiniomorphid ciliates in gorilla in Gabon, West Africa, were surveyed and observed by light and scanning electron microscopy. As a result, 4 species belonging to the families TroglodytellidaeExpand
Element hardtop convertible roof and corresponding vehicle
Concerned is an element of a movable rigid roof with respect to a body (3) of a convertible vehicle. This element is made from a one-piece support structure (210) having a frame shape (21). TheExpand
Improved Versatility Of The Connes-Type Interferometer Of Laboratoire d'Infrarouge.
This article presents a new experimental set-up for automatic change of the spectral domain of our high-information interferometer. The working principle and the original optical adjustments of theExpand
Cremona-door lock, window, door or the like
The invention relates to an espagnolette lock for a door, French window or the like, including, accommodated in a housing (2), a control mechanism (3) comprising on the one hand, means for actuating (4) of at least one operating rod (5, 5A) and, on the other hand, a key element (12) for the locking control means (13) of the or of the operating rods (5 , 5A). Expand
Bolt lock for a door, French window or the like
The system consists of a housing (2) containing a control mechanism (3) with an actuator (4) for one or more long bolts (5, 5A) and a key-actuated component (12) which governs a locking mechanism (13) holding the long bolts in their locked position. Expand