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Relative multifractal analysis
Abstract We introduce a general formalism for the multifractal analysis of one probability measure with respect to another. As an example, we analyse the multifractal structure of one graph directedExpand
Mathematical Structuralism Today
Two topics figure prominently in recent discussions of mathematical structuralism: challenges to the purported metaphysical insight provided by sui generis structuralism and the significance ofExpand
Creativity, Freedom, and Authority: A New Perspective On the Metaphysics of Mathematics
I discuss a puzzle that shows there is a need to develop a new metaphysical interpretation of mathematical theories, because all well-known interpretations conflict with important aspects ofExpand
An Abstract Status Function Account of Corporations
In this article, I articulate and defend an account of corporations motivated by John Searle’s discussion of them in his Making the Social World. According to this account, corporations are abstractExpand
Proof and other Dilemmas: Mathematical Domains: Social Constructs?
Social constructivism is probably the philosophy of mathematics that has seen the greatest growth in support among mathematicians in the last twenty-five years. However, until now, because ofExpand