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The Risk Taken in Crossing a Road
An anchor for securement to a base having a transitory fluent stage includes a sheetlike segment with an interior zone having a depressed loop. Expand
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Lipogranulomatosis; a new lipo-glycoprotein storage disease.
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The transplantation of individual rat and guineapig whisker papillae.
  • J. Cohen
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Journal of embryology and experimental morphology
  • 1 March 1961
Previous work on the pigmentation and transplantation of hair and skin has been performed mainly on gross skin areas (e.g. Billingham & Medawar, 1950; Ebling & Johnson, 1959; Rawles, 1955) andExpand
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The Next Generation of Government CVE Strategies at Home
  • J. Cohen
  • Political Science
  • 21 October 2016
Using social media and other Internet-based communication platforms, groups such as ISIS have become effective at influencing vulnerable, disaffected young people who are in search of some sense ofExpand
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Working Party on the Recruitment and Training of Nurses
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This chapter describes embryos and their evolution. Animal evolution has produced and is producing a great variety of animal forms. The ways in which this variation appears in the life history of theExpand
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This chapter focuses on immunological aspects of sperm selection and transport. There are many apparently physiological sperm–antibody interactions after every mammalian copulation and there may beExpand
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Human Robots in Myth and Science
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Behaviour in uncertainty : and its social implications
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