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Approaches to the Resolution of Ethnic Conflict: The Strategy of Non-territorial Autonomy
Given the essentially territorial nature of the state, it has sometimes been assumed that attempts to resolve ethnic conflict by devolving power to ethnic groups must follow territorial lines. The
National identity in Northern Ireland: stability or change?
ABSTRACT. This article addresses a set of fundamental, long-term factors associated with the Northern Ireland conflict: the pattern of underlying values and attitudes, especially those related to
There is an obvious sense in which nationalist mobilization has an important basis in images of the past—images which are typically embellished to produce a tendentious image of the community's own
The Territorial Management of Ethnic Conflict
The object of this book is to look at the manner in which states attempt to cope with ethnic conflict through territorial approaches. This revised edition has new chapters covering Northern Ireland,
The Rise and Fall of Minor Parties in Ireland
Abstract Minor parties (defined as those outside the three‐party core of the party system) have been a distinctive feature of Irish political life since independence in 1922. Of the approximately 50
Nationalism, Ethnicity and the State: Making and Breaking Nations
Introduction The Study of Nationalism Introduction Matters of Definition Matters of Evaluation Matters of Analysis Conclusion PART ONE: NATION AND SOCIETY Nationalism, Race and Gender Introduction
Politics in the Republic of Ireland
Part 1: The Context of Irish Politics 1. Historical Background John Coakley 2. The Foundations of Statehood John Coakley 3. The Changing Constitution Michael Gallagher Part 2: Representative
The Resolution of Ethnic Conflict: Towards a Typology
The set of policies adopted by states to deal with their ethnic minorities, ranging from genocide, population transfer, and boundary alteration to assimilation and accommodation, is presented in a
Ethnic competition and the logic of party system transformation
This article adapts and expands a recent model of ethnic competition by exploring its implications over a long period spanning crucial stages in the modernisation of the political system. It
Changing shades of orange and green : redefining the union and the nation in contemporary Ireland
Introduction - constitutional innovation and political change in twentieth-century Ireland, John Coakley. Part 1, Political perspectives: Redefining northern nationalism, Alban Maginness MLA