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Α Natural History of Domesticated Mammals
Preface and acknowledgements Introduction 1. The meat supply of hunter-gatherers Section I. Animal Partners: 2. The process of domestication 3. Selective breeding and the definition of a breed 4.Expand
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The taming of the cat
Unlike other domesticated creatures, the house cat contributes little to human survival. Researchers have therefore wondered how and why cats came to live among people. Experts traditionally thoughtExpand
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The process of domestication
Domestication involves both culture and biology. The cultural process of domestication begins when animals are incorporated into the social structure of a human community and become objects ofExpand
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The British Museum book of cats : ancient and modern
The cat's place in nature cats in ancient times the cat in legend and witchcraft cats in modern times the cat fancy distribution of the common cat in town and country cats in the Orient feral catsExpand
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The Walking Larder: Patterns of Domestication, Pastoralism, and Predation
Part 1 Domestication: pet-keeping and animal domestication - a reappraisal, James Serpell definitions of animal domestication, Sandor Bokonyi defining domestication - a clarification, Pierre DucosExpand
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The naming of wild animal species and their domestic derivatives
Several systems have been devised for the naming of domestic animals but none has gained universal acceptance. Where Latin names of the Linnaean system are used, the majority of wild progenitorExpand
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The Mammalian Remains from the Jericho Tell
The last volumes of the report on the excavations at Jericho have been delayed owing to the death of Dame Kathleen Kenyon. This article was written in 1977 as a specialist contribution to the finalExpand
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