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Happiness, geography and the environment
In recent years, economists have been using socio-economic and socio-demographic characteristics to explain self-reported individual happiness or satisfaction with life. Using GeographicalExpand
Quantifying the severity of fuel poverty, its relationship with poor housing and reasons for non-investment in energy-saving measures in Ireland
Fuel poverty has generally been calculated by quantifying the number of households spending in excess of 10% of income on home heating. This definition has a number of significant practical andExpand
Fuel poverty, thermal comfort and occupancy: results of a national household-survey in Ireland
Fuel poverty is perhaps the strongest adverse social impact resulting from the inefficient consumption of energy in the domestic sector. Despite considerable research examining the plight of thoseExpand
Temporal variance of revealed preference on-street parking price elasticity
This paper utilises revealed-preference parking trend data from parking meters ex ante and ex post of a general 50% price increase in the hourly cost of on-street parking to estimate the on-streetExpand
Ranking quality of life using subjective well-being data
Indices ranking the quality of life in cities based on climatic, environmental and urban conditions have a long tradition in the hedonic literature. In this paper we propose an alternative set ofExpand
Cost-benefit Analysis of Domestic Energy Efficiency
There are a number of driving forces behind energy efficiency. In recent times, the Kyoto Protocol has been the most prominent in bringing energy efficiency to the fore. In some countries, theExpand
Rural change and individual well-being
Much of rural Europe has witnessed vast changes over the past two decades, including major demographic and economic change. The question of how these changes have affected individual well-being andExpand
The Impact of Perceived Flood Exposure on Flood-Risk Perception: The Role of Distance.
Natural hazards, such as major flood events, are occurring with increasing frequency and inflicting increasing levels of financial damages upon affected communities. The experience of such majorExpand
Domestic energy efficiency in ireland: correcting market failure
If the bene"ts of domestic energy e$ciency are so great, why are they not reaped in actuality and what can be done about it? This paper deals with these crucial questions. It is based on the "ndingsExpand