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The metabolism of 2-methylheptane in male Fischer 344 rats
Abstract The urinary metabolites of 2-methylheptane (2-MH) in male Fischer 344 rats, administered the hydrocarbon by gavage, included 2-methyl-1,2-heptanediol, 2-methyl-1,5-heptanediol,Expand
Phenylethlamine and P-Tyramine in the Extracellular Space of the Rat Brain: Quantification Using a New Radioenzymatic Assay and in Situ Microdialysis
Sufficiently sensitive and specific methods for the quantitation of p-tyramine (p-tym) and phenylethylamine (PEA) are not generally available since the levels of these substances found in the centralExpand
Identification and characterization of a nucleotide binding site of ovine prolactin with 2-azido-NAD.
It is demonstrated that prolactin contains an NADH/NADPH binding site which may be significant in the mechanism of action of this hormone. Expand
A comparison of changes in nucleotide-protein interactions in the striatal, hippocampus and paramedian cortex after cerebral ischemia and reperfusion: correlations to regional vulnerability.
Azido-purine analogs of ATP and GTP were used to detect changes in phosphorylation and nucleotide binding induced by ischemia and subsequent reperfusion in rat brain striatum, hippocampus and paramedian cortex (PM cortex) tissues, indicating the depolymerization of microtubulin in these tissues. Expand
Using (1)H magnetic resonance imaging and complementary analytical techniques to characterize developmental changes in the Zantedeschia Spreng. tuber.
Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and complementary analytical techniques were used to examine tissue structure and developmental changes occurring during active growth in the root tuber ofExpand
The metabolism of 3-methylheptane in male 344 Fischer rats
Abstract 3-Methylheptane (3-MH), a component of fuels and solvents, is found widely distributed in the environment. Male 344 Fischer rats, dosed by gavage with 3-MH yielded the following urinaryExpand
General pharmacology of nizatidine in animals.
These studies confirm the selective pharmacologic activity of nizatidine and indicate a low potential for secondary pharmacologic side effects to be encountered clinically. Expand
The metabolism of 4-methylheptane in male Fischer 344 rats
The urinary metabolites of 4-methylheptane (4-MH) in male Fischer 344 rats, after administering the hydrocarbon by gavage, included 6-hydroxy-4-methyl-2-heptanone, 4-methyl-3,5-heptanediol,Expand
General pharmacology of loracarbef in animals.
Results indicate loracarbef has a low potential to produce adverse effects at therapeutic doses and is essentially inactive in the tests of central and autonomic nervous system function, platelet aggregation, renal function, blood hemolysis, primary antibody production, blood coagulation, and ocular irritation. Expand
A Study of the Effect of Hydrocarbon Structure on the Induction of Male Rat Nephropathy and Metabolite Structure
Abstract : Male Fischer 344 rats were dosed with the saturated branched chain hydrocarbon 3-methylheptane. Pathological examination of the kidneys of the dosed animals compared to the kidneys ofExpand