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The Goodman spectrograph
The Goodman Spectrograph is an imaging, multi-object spectrograph for the SOuthern Astrophysical Research telescope (SOAR). It is one of the first designed to take advantage of Volume Phase
Asteroseismology of the DOV star PG 1159 - 035 with the Whole Earth Telescope
Results are reported from 264.1 hr of nearly continuous time-series photometry on the pulsating prewhite dwarf star (DPV) PG 1159 - 035. The power spectrum of the data set is completely resolved into
The Electromagnetic Counterpart of the Binary Neutron Star Merger LIGO/Virgo GW170817. III. Optical and UV Spectra of a Blue Kilonova from Fast Polar Ejecta
We present optical and ultraviolet spectra of the first electromagnetic counterpart to a gravitational wave (GW) source, the binary neutron star merger GW170817. Spectra were obtained nightly between
A photometric redshift of z = 6.39 ± 0.12 for GRB 050904
The discovery of the bright near-infrared afterglow of GRB 050904 is reported, and it is demonstrated that GRBs can be used to trace the star formation, metallicity, and reionization histories of the early Universe.
White Dwarf Rotation as a Function of Mass and a Dichotomy of Mode Line Widths: Kepler Observations of 27 Pulsating DA White Dwarfs through K2 Campaign 8
We present photometry and spectroscopy for 27 pulsating hydrogen-atmosphere white dwarfs (DAVs; a.k.a. ZZ Ceti stars) observed by the Kepler space telescope up to K2 Campaign 8, an extensive
Two new variable hot dq stars
We have discovered periodic variations in the light curves of two hot DQ stars from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, SDSS J220029.08–074121.5 and SDSS J234843.30–094245.3. These are the second and third
The whole earth telescope - A new astronomical instrument
A new multimirror ground-based telescope for time-series photometry of rapid variable stars, designed to minimize or eliminate gaps in the brightness record caused by the rotation of the earth, is
Whole earth telescope observations of the DBV white dwarf GD 358
We report on the analysis of 154 hours of early continuous high-speed photometry on the pulsating DB white dwarf (DBV) GD 358, obtained during the Whole Earth Telescope (WET) run of 1990 May. The
Whole Earth Telescope observations of the pulsating hot white dwarf PG 1707+427
We report on the analysis of multisite time-series photometry of the pulsating pre-white dwarf (GW Vir star) PG 1707+427, obtained by the Whole Earth Telescope collaboration. This is the last of the
A deep test of radial differential rotation in a helium-atmosphere white dwarf: I. Discovery of pulsations in PG 0112+104
We present the detection of non-radial oscillations in a hot, helium-atmosphere white dwarf using 78.7 d of nearly uninterrupted photometry from the Kepler space telescope. With an effective