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The significance of digital gene expression profiles.
The first systematic study on the influence of random fluctuations and sampling size on the reliability of transcript profiles generated routinely by partially sequencing thousands of randomly selected clones from relevant cDNA libraries is presented. Expand
Phylogeny.fr: robust phylogenetic analysis for the non-specialist
The Phylogeny.fr platform transparently chains programs to automatically perform phylogenetic analyses and can also meet the needs of specialists; the first ones will find up-to-date tools chained in a phylogeny pipeline to analyze their data in a simple and robust way, while the specialists will be able to easily build and run sophisticated analyses. Expand
Comparative Genomics of Multidrug Resistance in Acinetobacter baumannii
Acinetobacter baumannii is a species of nonfermentative gram-negative bacteria commonly found in water and soil. This organism was susceptible to most antibiotics in the 1970s. It has now become aExpand
The 1.2-Megabase Genome Sequence of Mimivirus
The size and complexity of the Mimivirus genome challenge the established frontier between viruses and parasitic cellular organisms and this new sequence data might help shed a new light on the origin of DNA viruses and their role in the early evolution of eukaryotes. Expand
Patterns of variant polyadenylation signal usage in human genes.
The average number of ESTs associated with each signal type suggests that variant signals (including the common AUUAAA) are processed less efficiently than the canonical signal and could therefore be selected for regulatory purposes. Expand
Pandoraviruses: Amoeba Viruses with Genomes Up to 2.5 Mb Reaching That of Parasitic Eukaryotes
The isolation of two giant viruses, one off the coast of central Chile, the other from a freshwater pond near Melbourne, without morphological or genomic resemblance to any previously defined virus families are reported. Expand
The Chlorella variabilis NC64A Genome Reveals Adaptation to Photosymbiosis, Coevolution with Viruses, and Cryptic Sex[C][W]
Analysis of the NC64A genome substantially advances the understanding of the green lineage evolution, including the genomic interplay with viruses and symbiosis between eukaryotes. Expand
BLAST-EXPLORER helps you building datasets for phylogenetic analysis
BLAST-Explorer is an original and friendly web-based application that combines a BLAST search with a suite of tools that allows interactive, phylogenetic-oriented exploration of theBLAST results and flexible selection of homologous sequences among the BLAST hits. Expand
A Giant Virus in Amoebae
During a study following a pneumonia outbreak in 1992, a microorganism growing in amoebae and resembling a small Gram-positive coccus ([Fig. 1][1]A) was isolated from the water of a cooling tower inExpand
Comparative Analysis of Acinetobacters: Three Genomes for Three Lifestyles
The comparison of two newly sequenced genomes of A. baumannii suggests that the genome contents of the 3 Acinetobacters compared are partly shaped by life in distinct ecological niches: human (and more largely hospital environment), louse, soil. Expand