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Driving Semantic Parsing from the World's Response
Current approaches to semantic parsing, the task of converting text to a formal meaning representation, rely on annotated training data mapping sentences to logical forms. Providing this supervisionExpand
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Technical Design Report EuroGammaS proposal for the ELI-NP Gamma beam System
The machine described in this document is an advanced Source of up to 20 MeV Gamma Rays based on Compton back-scattering, i.e. collision of an intense high power laser beam and a high brightnessExpand
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Incremental Integer Linear Programming for Non-projective Dependency Parsing
Integer Linear Programming has recently been used for decoding in a number of probabilistic models in order to enforce global constraints. However, in certain applications, such as non-projectiveExpand
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Modelling Compression with Discourse Constraints
Sentence compression holds promise for many applications ranging from summarisation to subtitle generation and subtitle generation. The task is typically performed on isolated sentences withoutExpand
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Improving the performance of soccer boots on artificial and natural soccer surfaces
Abstract An improved understanding of studded shoe-surface interactions is needed to optimise athletic performance in soccer. Soccer studs are required to penetrate the playing surface and provideExpand
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  • J. Clarke
  • Computer Science
  • The Ulster Medical Journal
  • 1 January 2011
What should a cholecystectomy and a Van Halen concert have in common? The answer according to Atul Gawande is a checklist to help get things right. In the ‘Checklist Manifesto’, Gawande argues thatExpand
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Models for Sentence Compression: A Comparison across Domains, Training Requirements and Evaluation Measures
Sentence compression is the task of producing a summary at the sentence level. This paper focuses on three aspects of this task which have not received detailed treatment in the literature: trainingExpand
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Constraint-Based Sentence Compression: An Integer Programming Approach
The ability to compress sentences while preserving their grammaticality and most of their meaning has recently received much attention. Our work views sentence compression as an optimisation problem.Expand
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Discourse Constraints for Document Compression
Sentence compression holds promise for many applications ranging from summarization to subtitle generation. The task is typically performed on isolated sentences without taking the surroundingExpand
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An NLP Curator (or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love NLP Pipelines)
Natural Language Processing continues to grow in popularity in a range of research and commercial applications, yet managing the wide array of potential NLP components remains a difficult problem.Expand
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