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Introduction: From Republic to Restoration
Art Made Tongue Tied by Authority: Elizabethan and Jacobean Dramatic Censorship
Historicism and the question of censorship in the Renaissance the typography of censorship in the Renaissance fractured images - the censor and the history plays of the 1590s "little better thanExpand
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Cross-cultural comedy
Shakespeare's Stage Traffic: Imitation, Borrowing and Competition in Renaissance Theatre
Introduction 1. Troublesome reigns 2. Deposing kings 3. Cross-cultural comedy 4. Competing dramaturgies: later comedy 5. Medley history 6. Hamlet and the 'humour of children' 7. Conversion: fromExpand
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Women's Writing in English: Early Modern England (review)
Quilligan answers by comparing the initial scene, where Cordelia refuses her father’s fantasy of incest and is cast out, to the final scene: Cordelia’s return as head of an army to rescue her fatherExpand