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Joint Tx-Rx beamforming design for multicarrier MIMO channels: a unified framework for convex optimization
This paper addresses the joint design of transmit and receive beamforming or linear processing (commonly termed linear precoding at the transmitter and equalization at the receiver) for multicarrier multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) channels under a variety of design criteria. Expand
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Iterative water-filling for Gaussian vector multiple-access channels
This paper proposes an efficient numerical algorithm to compute the optimal input distribution that maximizes the sum capacity of a Gaussian multiple-access channel with vector inputs and a vector output. Expand
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Increase in capacity of multiuser OFDM system using dynamic subchannel allocation
This paper investigates the problem of dynamic multiuser subchannel allocation in the downlink of OFDM systems. Expand
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Understanding Digital Subscriber Line Technology
1. DSL Fundamentals. Alternatives to DSLs: Fiber, Wireless, and Coax. Worldwide Extent. Voice-Band Modems and DSLs. Transmission Modes. DSL Terminology. Rate Versus Reach. Crosstalk. Enabling andExpand
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Distributed multiuser power control for digital subscriber lines
This paper considers the multiuser power control problem in a frequency-selective interference channel. Expand
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Spatio-temporal coding for wireless communication
Multipath signal propagation has long been viewed as an impairment to reliable communication in wireless channels. Expand
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Weighted sum-rate maximization using weighted MMSE for MIMO-BC beamforming design
This paper studies linear transmit filter design for Weighted Sum-Rate maximization in the multiple input multiple output broadcast channel (MIMO-BC). Expand
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A practical discrete multitone transceiver loading algorithm for data transmission over spectrally shaped channels
In this paper, we present a finite-granularity, loading algorithm for a discrete multitone (DMT) modulation system. Expand
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Vectored transmission for digital subscriber line systems
This paper describes the "vectored" transmission technique for digital subscriber line (DSL) systems, which utilizes user coordination at the central office or optical network unit to achieve far-end crosstalk cancellation and perform multiuser transmission optimization. Expand
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Pilot Tone Selection For Channel Estimation In A Mobile Ofdm System *
  • R. Negi, J. Cioffi
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  • International Conference on Consumer Electronics
  • 1 August 1998
This paper addresses the important issue of selecting these pilot tones, so as to achieve a good quality estimate for mobile OFDM systems. Expand
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