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Threshold for muscle lactate accumulation during progressive exercise.
The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between muscle and blood lactate concentrations during progressive exercise. Seven endurance-trained male college students performedExpand
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Greater serum GH response to arm than to leg exercise performed at equivalent oxygen uptake
SummaryThe aim of this study was to provide information concerning the mechanism of exercise-induced stimulation of growth hormone (GH) release in human subjects. For this reason serum GH as well asExpand
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Role of hepatic portal osmoreception in the control of ADH release.
Dogs were prepared for experiments by chronic implantation of catheters into the hepatic portal vein. Intraportal infusions of hypertonic saline, 5 ml/min, increased plasma antidiuretic hormones (ratExpand
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Plasma insulin and C-peptide responses to oral glucose load after physical exercise in men with normal and impaired glucose tolerance.
Blood glucose, plasma insulin and C-peptide responses to oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) were studied under basal conditions and immediately after 90-min exercise (60% VO2 max) in nondiabeticExpand
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Metabolic and body temperature changes during exercise in hyperthyroid patients.
1. Body temperature, blood glucose, lactate, plasma free fatty acid and noradrenaline responses to exercise were studied in hyperthyroid patients during 30 min exercise on a bicycle ergometer at aExpand
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Adrenergic responses to sustained handgrip in patients with juvenile-onset-type diabetes mellitus.
1. The response of plasma noradrenaline, arterial blood pressure and heart rate to sustained handgrip at 30% of maximal voluntary contraction was studied in patients with long-termExpand
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Publisher Summary Evidence indicates a powerful sympathetic activation in response to the stress of static effort. Sustained isometric muscular contractions produce a marked increase in arterialExpand
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Plasma noradrenaline response to sustained handgrip in patients with essential hypertension
SummaryThe responses of plasma noradrenaline, arterial blood pressure, and heart rate to sustained handgrip at 30% maximal voluntary contraction were studied in untreated patients with essentialExpand
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Plasma hormone and renal function changes in unrestrained dogs exposed to cold.
Renal clearances and plasma antidiuretic hormone (ADH), 17-hydroxycorticoids, and norepinephrine were measured in unrestrained dogs before and during exposure to ambient cold (minus 4 to + 4 degreesExpand
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ADH and thermal sweating
SummarySweating responses to heat exposure were compared in healthy subjects pretreated with pitressin or alcohol and in the control group. Between the three groups, there were no consistentExpand
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