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Smoking prevalence in addiction treatment: a review.
INTRODUCTION This review explores whether smoking prevalence in addiction treatment samples exceeds that shown in epidemiological data for persons with alcohol or other drug use disorders and whetherExpand
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An international systematic review of smoking prevalence in addiction treatment.
AIMS Smoking prevalence is higher among people enrolled in addiction treatment compared with the general population, and very high rates of smoking are associated with opiate drug use and receipt ofExpand
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Gender differences in factors influencing smoking, drinking, and their co-occurrence among adolescents in South Korea.
  • J. Chun, I. Chung
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  • 1 February 2013
INTRODUCTION This study aimed to examine gender differences in the influence of social, attitudinal, and intrapersonal factors on the onset of smoking, drinking, and the co-occurrence of tobacco andExpand
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Drug Treatment Outcomes for Persons on Waiting Lists
This study examined treatment access and outcomes for persons placed on drug abuse treatment waiting lists. Participants (n = 170) were recruited when they entered either a methadone detoxificationExpand
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Analyzing Multilevel Factors Underlying Adolescent Smoking Behaviors: The Roles of Friendship Network, Family Relations, and School Environment.
BACKGROUND This study investigates the extent to which friendship network, family relations, and school context are related to adolescent cigarette smoking. Friendship network is measured in terms ofExpand
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A Meta-Analysis of Treatment Interventions for Internet Addiction Among Korean Adolescents
This study comprehensively examined the effects of treatment interventions for Internet addiction among adolescents in South Korea through a meta-analysis. We analyzed 70 domestic master's theses andExpand
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Factors Associated with Perceived Health among Korean Adolescents
This study examined the influences of personal, social, and environmental-structural factors on the perceived health of Korean adolescents. Using a two-stage generalized hierarchical logistic linearExpand
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The Effects of Self-Efficacy on Adolescents’ School Adjustment: The Mediating Effects of Depression and Aggression
The aims of this study were to investigate the effects of self-efficacy on adolescents` school adjustments and to identify mediating effects of depression and aggression. To this end, we conductedExpand
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Cigarette smoking among opioid-dependent clients in a therapeutic community.
This study examines smoking behavior in a sample of 231 opioid-dependent clients entering therapeutic community treatment, and investigates the relationship between smoking behavior and drugExpand
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Influencing factors on mothers' parenting style of young children at risk for developmental delay in South Korea: The mediating effects of parenting stress
Parenting style is regarded as one of the most significant factors for children's development, especially for children with or at risk of developmental delay. Due to the importance of parentingExpand
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