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Checklist of vascular plants of the Czech Republic
A checklist of vascular plants of the Czech Republic is provided, based on the Kubat et al’s Key to the flora of the Czech Republic from 2002 and volumes 7 and 8 of the Flora of the Czech Republic as
Incongruent plastid and nuclear DNA phylogenies reveal ancient intergeneric hybridization in Pilosella hawkweeds (Hieracium, Cichorieae, Asteraceae).
Detailed analysis of trnT-trnL character state evolution along the ITS tree suggested two intergeneric hybridization events between ancestral lineages that resulted in cytoplasmic transfer that are the most likely explanation for the observed incongruencies between plastid and nuclear DNA markers.
An improved method of DNA isolation from plants collected in the field and conserved in saturated NaCl/CTAB solution.
A simple method for isolation of genomic DNA from wild plants sampled in remote field areas is presented and is suitable for random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) analysis of plant populations as well as for specific amplification of chloroplast DNA sequences.
Genome size in Hieracium subgenus Hieracium (Asteraceae) is strongly correlated with major phylogenetic groups.
Phylogeny was the most important factor explaining the pattern of genome size variation in Hieracium sensu stricto, species of western European origin having significantly lower genome size in comparison with those of eastern European origin.
Stress-induced memory alters growth of clonal offspring of white clover (Trifolium repens).
Transgenerational effects might play an important role in the clonal plant Trifolium repens and are probably mediated by epigenetic variation.
CLO-PLA: a database of clonal and bud-bank traits of the Central European flora.
This dataset provides a unique, and largely unexplored, set of traits of clonal growth that can be used in studies on comparative plant ecology, plant evolution, community assembly, and ecosystem functioning across the large flora of Central Europe.
Intra-individual polymorphism in diploid and apomictic polyploid hawkweeds (Hieracium, Lactuceae, Asteraceae): disentangling phylogenetic signal, reticulation, and noise
This study illustrates how multigene sequences can be used to disentangle the evolutionary history of agamic complexes or similarly difficult datasets and reveals the hybrid origin of 29 out of 60 accession species.
Genetic variation in the Hieracium rohacsense group (Hieracium sect. Alpina)
The role of diploid sexual taxa occurring in the alpine and subalpine belts of the Ukrainian East Carpathians in maintainig genetic variability is discussed and can be separated by their patterns of Pgm-1 locus.
Dark side of the fence: ornamental plants as a source ofwild-growing flora in the Czech Republic
The results reported here provide quantitative insights into the role of horticulture as a major pathway of plant invasions by analysing the recorded taxa with respect to the transient/persistent character of their occurrence.