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Le haut-parleur electrodynamique : estimation des parametres electroacoustiques aux basses frequences et modelisation de la suspension
Le fonctionnement d'un haut-parleur electrodynamique aux basses frequences est usuellement decrit a partir d'un circuit electrique equivalent dont les parametres, supposes constants, dependent enExpand
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From lizard helodermin to mammalian helodermin- and pacap-preferring VIP receptors
Calcyclin, one of Ca 2+ binding proteins, was originally identified as the product of the 2A9 gene, the mRNA of which is increased by the stimulation of serum, PDGF, and EGF in quiescent fibroblast.Expand
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α-Amylase et lipase du pancreas de rat. Purification chromatographique, recherche du poids moleculaire et composition en acides amines
Abstract 1. 1.|A rapid and efficient method of preparation of the cationic enzymes of the rat exocrine pancreas is described. The hydrolases are solubilized quantitatively and afterwardsExpand
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Purification, activite enzymatique potentielle et composition en acides amines du chymotrypsinogene et des trypsinogenes du pancreas de rat
Purification, enzymatic activity and amino acid composition of the chymotrypsinogen and the trypsinogens of the rat pancreas 1. 1.|Pancreatic hydrolases, except for phospholipase A, are almostExpand
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Tenth Annual Meeting of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes
1. The Role of Glucagon and other Hormones in the Pathogenesis of Diabetic Ketoacidosis. K. G. M.M. Alberti, J. Iversen, N .J . Christensen. General Hospital, Southampton, England and KommunehospitalExpand
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Activité de treize enzymes du métabolisme intermédiaire, dans le foie du jeune rat qui récupère d'une malnutrition protidique
100 g rats, submitted for 3 weeks to protein malnutrition (mostly lysine and threonine deficiency) with a diet offered ad libitum but containing 7% gluten as the sole protein, were starved for 24 hExpand
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Helodermin and Helospectin‐like Peptides Present in the Venom of the Lizards Heloderma horridum and Heloderma suspectum
Having previously isolated helodermin, the major VIP-like peptide from the venom of Heloderma suspectum,'-* we explored all VIP-like peptides in the venom of another lizard of the HelodermatidaeExpand
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