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Autonomy in Moral and Political Philosophy
Autonomy and Personal History
Virtually any appraisal of a person's welfare, integrity, or moral status, as well as the moral and political theories built on such appraisals, will rely crucially on the presumption that herExpand
The Inner citadel : essays on individual autonomy
This book is intended for undergraduate and graduate courses in moral, political, social, and legal philosophy.
The Politics of Persons: Individual Autonomy and Socio-historical Selves
1. Introduction Part I. Selves: 2. The social conception of the self: a critical taxonomy 3. The post-modern subject 4. The narrative self 5. Memory, agency, and the self Part II. Autonomy: 6.Expand
Constructing the Inner Citadel: Recent Work on the Concept of Autonomy
The metaphor of an "inner citadel" was not used approvingly when Isaiah Berlin invoked it as part of his attack on the notion of positive liberty (Berlin 1969, pp. 135 ff.). And although he scoffedExpand
Relational Autonomy and the Social Dynamics of Paternalism
In this paper I look at various ways that interpersonal and social relations can be seen as required for autonomy. I then consider cases where those dynamics might play out or not in potentiallyExpand
Narrative Unity as a Condition of Personhood
: In this article I critically discuss a claim made by several writers in philosophy and the social sciences that for an individual to count as a person, a single personality, or the subject of aExpand
Saving Positive Freedom
In this article, I respond to Eric Nelson’s claim (in “Liberty: One Concept Too Many?”) that the most prominent versions of a positive concept of freedom all reduce to negative notions. I argue thatExpand