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Cancer Diagnosis by Terahertz Molecular Imaging Technique
We obtained the diagnostic images of cancerous tumors by employing the THz molecular imaging (TMI) technique which measured the THz response change by surface plasmon resonance induced on the surfaceExpand
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Redox-sensitive colorimetric polyaniline nanoprobes synthesized by a solvent-shift process
AbstractWe have synthesized water-stable polyaniline nanoparticles coated with triarmed polyethylene glycol chains using a solvent-shift method and confirmed their colloidal size and aqueousExpand
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Colourimetric redox-polyaniline nanoindicator for in situ vesicular trafficking of intracellular transport
Vesicular pH modulates the function of many organelles and plays a pivotal role in cell metabolism processes such as proliferation and apoptosis. Here, we introduce a simple colorimetricExpand
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The First Synthesis of 3-epi-Xestoaminol C
A new 1-deoxysphingoid, 3-epi-xestoaminol C (1), isolated from the New Zealand brown alga Xiphophora chondrophylla was firstly synthesized for the identification of its absolute stereochemistry viaExpand
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Pseudo metal generation via catalytic oxidative polymerization on the surface of reactive template for redox switched off-on photothermal therapy.
The integration of contrast-enhanced diagnostic imaging and therapy could utilize image guided therapy to plan treatment strategy. Toward this goal, a unique construction and operation of a pseudoExpand
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Theoretical Evaluation of an Organic Phase Change Material (PCM)-Inserted Dual-Functional Adsorbent for the Recovery of Heat of Adsorption
Inserting a phase change material (PCM) directly into an adsorbent is proposed, for the first time, as a novel method for recovering the generated heat of adsorption. In the PCM-inserted adsorbent,Expand
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scTyper: a comprehensive pipeline for the cell typing analysis of single-cell RNA-seq data
We have developed a comprehensive and user-friendly R-based analysis pipeline for cell typing of scRNA-seq data with a curated cell marker database, scTyper.db. Expand
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Ferromagnetic dinuclear nickel(II) complexes bridged by azide ions
Abstract Dinuclear nickel(II) complexes, [Ni 2 (mpapOH) 2 (CH 3 CO 2 )(N 3 ) 3 ] ( 1 ) and [Ni 2 (mpapOH) 2 (N 3 ) 4 ]·CH 3 OH ( 2 ) were synthesized by treating Ni(CH 3 CO 2 ) 2 ·4H 2 O and Ni(NO 3Expand
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Nanoelectrokinetic Selective Preconcentration of Charged Molecules and Its Dynamics
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Numerical analysis of particle concentration around the air-inlet of a train in a tunnel by using a discrete phase model
Subways are used for public transportation as a commuting medium in Korea. Subway trains operate mainly through tunnels. Fine particles generated by friction between rails and train wheels affect theExpand
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