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Acute toxicity of Ag and CuO nanoparticle suspensions against Daphnia magna: the importance of their dissolved fraction varying with preparation methods.
A variety of methods to prepare nanoparticle suspensions have been employed for aquatic toxicity tests, although they can influence the dispersion property and subsequent toxicity of nanoparticles.Expand
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Deep learning improves prediction of CRISPR–Cpf1 guide RNA activity
We present two algorithms to predict the activity of AsCpf1 guide RNAs using Indel frequencies and chromatin accessibility information. Expand
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Development of rice bran treatment process and its use for the synthesis of polyhydroxyalkanoates from rice bran hydrolysate solution.
Rice bran treatment process for the production of 43.7 kg of hydrolysate solution containing 24.41 g/L of glucose and small amount of fructose from 5 kg of rice bran was developed and employed toExpand
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The influences of skin visco‐elasticity, hydration level and aging on the formation of wrinkles: a comprehensive and objective approach
Various skin parameters including skin visco‐elasticity and hydration level affect the formation of wrinkles.
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Ki-67 expression is predictive of prognosis in patients with stage I/II extranodal NK/T-cell lymphoma, nasal type.
BACKGROUND Localized extranodal natural killer (NK)/T-cell lymphoma, nasal type, commonly has a low or low-intermediate risk of the international prognostic index (IPI), so the IPI has shownExpand
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Facial sebum affects the development of acne, especially the distribution of inflammatory acne
Background  The increased sebum secretion has been considered as one of the pathogenic factors of acne.
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Health care utilization and costs among medical-aid enrollees, the poor not enrolled in medical-aid, and the near poor in South Korea
BackgroundAlthough government has implemented medical-aid policy that provides assistance to the poor with almost free medical services, there are low-income people who do not receive necessaryExpand
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Sebum, acne, skin elasticity, and gender difference – which is the major influencing factor for facial pores?
Enlarged facial pores have been esthetic problems and have become a matter of cosmetic concern. Several factors are supposed to be related to the enlargement of facial pores, although scientificExpand
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5 mg/day finasteride treatment for normoandrogenic Asian women with female pattern hair loss
Background  Various treatments have been attempted for female pattern hair loss (FPHL), including topical minoxidil, oral antiandrogen and finasteride. But, there is no consensus on the standardExpand
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