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Development of 68Ga-labeled mannosylated human serum albumin (MSA) as a lymph node imaging agent for positron emission tomography.
INTRODUCTION Although many sentinel lymph node (SLN) imaging agents labeled with (99m)Tc have been developed, no positron-emitting agent has been specifically designed for SLN imaging. Furthermore,Expand
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Synthesis and characterization of nitroimidazole derivatives for 68Ga-labeling and testing in tumor xenografted mice.
Radiolabeled nitroimidazole (NI) derivatives have been used for imaging hypoxic tissues. We synthesized NI derivatives conjugated with bifunctional chelating agents such asExpand
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Formulation of 68Ga BAPEN kit for myocardial positron emission tomography imaging and biodistribution study.
INTRODUCTION Tris(4,6-dimethoxysalicylaldimine)-N,N'-bis(3-aminopropyl)-N,N'-ethylenediamine (BAPEN), a tris(salicylaldimine) derivative, is a heart positron emission tomography (PET) agent whenExpand
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Development of Small-Animal PET Prototype Using Silicon Photomultiplier (SiPM): Initial Results of Phantom and Animal Imaging Studies
Silicon photomultiplier (SiPM; also called a Geiger-mode avalanche photodiode) is a promising semiconductor photosensor in PET and PET/MRI because it is intrinsically MRI-compatible and has internalExpand
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Podophyllotoxin acetate triggers anticancer effects against non-small cell lung cancer cells by promoting cell death via cell cycle arrest, ER stress and autophagy
We previously reported that podophyllotoxin acetate (PA) radiosensitizes NCI-H460 cells. Here, we confirmed that PA treatment also induces cell death among two other non-small cell lung cancerExpand
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Podophyllotoxin acetate enhances γ-ionizing radiation-induced apoptotic cell death by stimulating the ROS/p38/caspase pathway.
  • J. Choi, H. Cho, +4 authors J. Park
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  • 1 March 2015
To develop a new radiosensitizer against non-small cell lung cancer cells, we screened a natural product library for growth-inhibitory compounds. PA was found to be cytotoxic toward NCI-H460 cells,Expand
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Luteolin acts as a radiosensitizer in non‑small cell lung cancer cells by enhancing apoptotic cell death through activation of a p38/ROS/caspase cascade.
To improve radiation therapy, the development of effective radiosensitizer is required. Fifty percent inhibitory concentration (IC50) values of 3',4',5',7'‑tetrahydroxyflavone (luteolin) againstExpand
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ICAM-3 endows anticancer drug resistance against microtubule-damaging agents via activation of the ICAM-3-AKT/ERK-CREB-2 pathway and blockage of apoptosis.
In a previous study, we showed that induction of ICAM-3 endows radioresistance in cervical cancer [1]. To ascertain whether ICAM-3 also promotes anticancer drug resistance, mock controlExpand
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Semi-Automatic Pipeline Inspection Robot Systems
As the need of well-being life becomes popular, one of important issues is clean drinking water. Delivery of clean water from the main water fountain to the end user is very crucial. However, typicalExpand
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Hypermethylation of miR-205-5p by IR Governs Aggressiveness and Metastasis via Regulating Bcl-w and Src
Although radiotherapy has been successfully applied to treat many cancer types, surviving cancer cells often acquire therapeutic resistance, leading to increased risk of local recurrence and distantExpand
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