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The end of ubuntu or its beginning in Matolino-Kwindingwi-Metz debate: An exercise in conversational philosophy
Matolino and Kwindingwi in an essay “The end of ubuntu” published in this journal in 2013 argue that ubuntu has stalled both as a way of life and as an ethical theory which led them to draw theExpand
Conversational Philosophy as a New School of Thought in African Philosophy: A Conversation with Bruce Janz on the Concept of ›Philosophical Space
In the aftermath of the great debate in African philosophy, questions have been asked which triggered what we would call post-debate disillusionments. One such question posed to the advocates ofExpand
Can the philosophy curriculum be Africanised? An examination of the prospects and challenges of some models of Africanisation
By the year 2010 I had begun to seriously question the type of philosophy we learn and teach in universities in sub-Saharan Africa. I also questioned the technique of curriculum deployment. ButExpand
Transforming the African philosophical place through conversations: An inquiry into the Global Expansion of Thought (GET)1
It is now clear that the development in African philosophy in the last forty years or so has been in the area of metaphilosophy, the central focus of which has been on whether African philosophy is aExpand
The Philosophy of African Logic: A Consideration of Ezumezu Paradigm
The chapter aims to do two things: 1) a rigorous presentation of philosophy of African logic and 2) to do this from the perspective of Ezumezu (an African) logic. The chapter will proceed by definingExpand
A Sense-Phenomenal Look at the Problem of Personal Identity
My aim here is to revisit the identity question using what I dub sense-phenomenalism as a model to offer an explanation to personal identity problem. The following are some of the popular questionsExpand
What Is Conversational Philosophy? A Prescription of a New Theory and Method of Philosophising, in and Beyond African Philosophy
In this paper I discuss the meaning of the theory of conversational philosophy. I show that its background inspiration is derived from an under-explored African notion of relationship or communion orExpand
The State of African Philosophy in Africa
In this chapter we begin some empirical legwork into the question in respect of the sort of intellectual progress that has been made by African philosophers or African philosophy following theExpand
The “Demise” of Philosophical Universalism and the Rise of Conversational Thinking in Contemporary African Philosophy
While it is a fact that the universalist school of African philosophy charged up the discourse in their time, while it cannot be disputed that their approach was argumentative, questions haveExpand