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Organizational Structure, Environment and Performance: The Role of Strategic Choice
This paper critically examines available theoretical models which have been derived from statistically established patterns of association between contextual and organizational variables. These
The Internationalization of Chinese Firms: A Case for Theoretical Extension?
This paper examines the patterns of, and motives for, internationalization by prominent market-seeking Chinese firms. Case studies of these firms indicate that they are seeking technological and
Strategic Choice in the Analysis of Action, Structure, Organizations and Environment: Retrospect and Prospect
This paper examines the place of the strategic choice perspective in the study of organizations and considers its contemporary contribution. The main fea tures of the original analysis are
Strategies of cooperation: managing alliances, networks, and joint ventures
Introduction PART I. THE NATURE OF COOPERATION 1. Perspectives on Cooperative Strategy 2. Trust and Cooperation 3. Motives for Cooperative Strategy PART II. ESTABLISHING COOPERATION 4. Partner and
Organizations As Adaptive Systems in Complex Environments: the Case of China
This paper treats organizations as adaptive systems that have to match the complexity of their environments with the outlines of a possible agenda for future research, focusing on the investigation of complexity handling modes and the contingencies which may bear upon the choice between them.
Influences on strategic decision effectiveness: Development and test of an integrative model
This paper draws upon three broad perspectives on the strategic decision-making process in order to develop a more completely specified model of strategic decision effectiveness in a different
The Dynamic between Firms' Environmental Strategies and Institutional Constraints in Emerging Economies: Evidence from China and Taiwan
This paper combines institutional and political perspectives to develop a framework for analysing firms' strategies in relation to demands for environmental protection in emerging economies. The main
Predicting and Understanding Organization Structure.
Size is examined as a predictor of organization structure with data from a British sample of business organizations, supplemented by findings from British labor unions, engineering firms, and the