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Structural, ferroelectric, dielectric, and magnetic properties of BiFeO3∕Pb(Zr0.5,Ti0.5)O3 multilayer films derived by chemical solution deposition
BiFeO3∕Pb(Zr0.5,Ti0.5)O3 (BFO/PZT) multilayer films have been grown on platinum-coated silicon substrate by chemical solution deposition. The remnant polarization is about 12μC∕cm2, which is muchExpand
Performance measurements of scheduling strategies and parallel algorithms for a multiprocessor quick sort
A variety of parallel algorithms running under a contention scheduler and a master/slave scheduler implemented on the CYBA-M multiprocessor are described and a new predistributed quick sort is reported. Expand
High resolution polarimeter-interferometer system for fast equilibrium dynamics and MHD instability studies on Joint-TEXT tokamak (invited).
A high-performance Faraday-effect polarimeter-interferometer system has been developed for the J-TEXT tokamak. This system has time response up to 1 μs, phase resolution < 0.1° and minimum spatialExpand
Description of magnetic force microscopy by three-dimensional tip Green's function for sample magnetic charges
Abstract The three-dimensional Green's function of magnetic force microscopy for a point magnetic dipole tip was analytically obtained in spatial and frequency domains. The influence of MFM measuringExpand
Ultrasonic Characterization of EB-PVD Thermal Barrier Coatings Irradiated by HIPIB
High-intensity pulsed ion beam (HIPIB) irradiation at 300 A/cm2 with a shot number of 1, and 5 was performed on the coatings and caused the modification of properties. Porosity and rough surface ofExpand
Semiconductor electroabsorption waveguide modulator for shipboard analog link applications
A fully packaged and connectorized 1.32 micrometers InGaAsP electroabsorption modulator for analog fiber optic link applications is described. This Franz-Keldysh effect modulator has a 3-dBeExpand
Magnetic cluster and medium noise in CoCrTa/Cr longitudinal film media studied by magnetic force microscopy
The two-dimensional analysis method of magnetic force microscopy is proposed and applied to investigate magnetic cluster and medium noise in CoCrTa/Cr longitudinal film media. It is found that bothExpand
The Wasserstein-Fisher-Rao metric for waveform based earthquake location
In our previous work [Chen el al., J. Comput. Phys., 373(2018)], the quadratic Wasserstein metric is successfully applied to the earthquake location problem. Expand
Analysis of two-dimensional medium noise and magnetic cluster with MFM for Co82Cr13Ta5 longitudinal magnetic recording media
Abstract A method of obtaining two-dimensional medium noise characters by subtracting signal elements from MFM data is proposed and applied to investigating the medium noise and magnetic cluster ofExpand