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UV Raman spectroscopic study on TiO2. I. Phase transformation at the surface and in the bulk.
Phase transformation of TiO2 from anatase to rutile is studied by UV Raman spectroscopy excited by 325 and 244 nm lasers, visible Raman spectroscopy excited by 532 nm laser, X-ray diffraction (XRD),Expand
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A Review of Some Important Technical Problems in Respect of Satellite Remote Sensing of Chlorophyll-a Concentration in Coastal Waters
This paper reviews the remote sensing of concentration from three perspectives, i.e., retrieval models, atmospheric correction, and scale effects of retrieval models. Expand
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Molar Absorptivities of Glucose and other Biological Molecules in Aqueous Solutions over the First Overtone and Combination Regions of the Near-Infrared Spectrum
Molar absorptivities are measured for water, glucose, alanine, ascorbate, lactate, triacetin, and urea in the near-infrared spectral region at 37 °C. Values are based on the Beer–Lambert law andExpand
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Metal-air batteries: from oxygen reduction electrochemistry to cathode catalysts.
  • F. Cheng, J. Chen
  • Medicine, Chemistry
  • Chemical Society reviews
  • 27 February 2012
Because of the remarkably high theoretical energy output, metal-air batteries represent one class of promising power sources for applications in next-generation electronics, electrifiedExpand
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Seeded growth of monodisperse gold nanorods using bromide-free surfactant mixtures.
We demonstrate for the first time that monodisperse gold nanorods (NRs) with broadly tunable dimensions and longitudinal surface plasmon resonances can be synthesized using a bromide-free surfactantExpand
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Rechargeable aqueous zinc-manganese dioxide batteries with high energy and power densities
Although alkaline zinc-manganese dioxide batteries have dominated the primary battery applications, it is challenging to make them rechargeable. Here we report a high-performance rechargeableExpand
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Enhancing electrocatalytic oxygen reduction on MnO(2) with vacancies.
Oxygen-vacant nanocrystalline MnO(2) has been prepared by the simple process of annealing pristine oxide in Ar or O(2) . Both experimental and computational studies indicate that the catalyticExpand
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A shape-adaptive thin-film-based approach for 50% high-efficiency energy generation through micro-grating sliding electrification.
Effectively harvesting ambient mechanical energy is the key for realizing self-powered and autonomous electronics, which addresses limitations of batteries and thus has tremendous applications inExpand
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All-fiber photon-pair source for quantum communications: Improved generation of correlated photons.
We demonstrate greatly improved results for the production of correlated photon-pairs using the four-photon scattering process in silica fiber. We achieve a true-coincidence-count toExpand
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Comparison of combination and first overtone spectral regions for near-infrared calibration models for glucose and other biomolecules in aqueous solutions.
Partial least squares calibration models are compared for the measurement of glucose, lactate, urea, ascorbate, triacetin, and alanine in aqueous solutions from single-beam spectra collected over theExpand
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