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Receptor kinase complex transmits RALF peptide signal to inhibit root growth in Arabidopsis
Significance Receptor-like kinase FERONIA (FER) is a versatile regulator of cell growth under both normal and stress environments. FER binds its peptide ligand, rapid alkalinization factor 1 (RALF1),Expand
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Preparation of Three-Dimensional Vascularized MSC Cell Sheet Constructs for Tissue Regeneration
Engineering three-dimensional (3D) vascularized constructs remains a challenge due to the inability to form rich microvessel networks. In this study we engineered a prevascularized 3D cell sheetExpand
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Selective decreases of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in PC12 cells exposed to fluoride.
In an attempt to elucidate the mechanism by which excessive fluoride damages the central nervous system, the effects of exposure of PC12 cells to different concentrations of fluoride for 48 h onExpand
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Cerebrovascular protection of β-asarone in Alzheimer's disease rats: a behavioral, cerebral blood flow, biochemical and genic study.
  • Z. Li, G. Zhao, +6 authors J. Guo
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Journal of ethnopharmacology
  • 21 November 2012
AIM OF THE STUDY Recent studies have suggested that β-asarone have neuroprotective and cardiovascular protective effects in animal model. However, the influence of β-asarone on cerebrovascular systemExpand
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An amplified single-walled carbon nanotube-mediated chemiluminescence turn-on sensing platform for ultrasensitive DNA detection.
We have developed an amplified chemiluminescence turn-on sensing platform that relies on single-walled carbon nanotubes for ultrasensitive DNA detection. This new type of assay exhibits higherExpand
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Identification and quantification of ricin in biomedical samples by magnetic immunocapture enrichment and liquid chromatography electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry
Ricin is a toxic protein derived from castor beans and composed of a cytotoxic A chain and a galactose-binding B chain linked by a disulfide bond, which can inhibit protein synthesis and cause cellExpand
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Rapid determination of total protein and wet gluten in commercial wheat flour using siSVR-NIR.
The determination of total protein and wet gluten is of critical importance when screening commercial flour for desired processing suitability. To this end, a near-infrared spectroscopy (NIR) methodExpand
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The USTC-iFlytek systems for CHiME-5 Challenge
This report describes our submission to the fifth CHiME Challenge. Expand
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Effects of temperature and irradiance on filament development of Grateloupia turuturu (Halymeniaceae, Rhodophyta)
Grateloupia turuturu Yamada is an economically valuable red alga with great potential in nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals. Filaments of G. turuturu are of primary importance in germplasmExpand
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Ferricyanide reductase in plasma membrane of maize roots
Marked activity of ferricyanide reductase (FCR), an enzyme catalyzing the reduction of ferricyanide using NADH(or NADPH)as the electron donor, accompanied by transmembrane proton transport has beenExpand
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