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177Lu-AMBA: Synthesis and characterization of a selective 177Lu-labeled GRP-R agonist for systemic radiotherapy of prostate cancer.
UNLABELLED Gastrin-releasing peptide receptors (GRP-R) are upregulated in many cancers, including prostate, breast, and lung. We describe a new radiolabeled bombesin (BBN) analog for imaging andExpand
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177Lu-AMBA Biodistribution, Radiotherapeutic Efficacy, Imaging, and Autoradiography in Prostate Cancer Models with Low GRP-R Expression
177Lu-DO3A-CH2CO-G-4-aminobenzoyl-Q-W-A-V-G-H-L-M-NH2 (177Lu-AMBA) is a radiolabeled bombesin derivative that is bound and internalized by cells expressing the G-protein–coupled gastrin-releasingExpand
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Preclinical evaluation of an 131I-labeled benzamide for targeted radiotherapy of metastatic melanoma.
Radiolabeled benzamides are attractive candidates for targeted radiotherapy of metastatic melanoma as they bind melanin and exhibit high tumor uptake and retention. One such benzamide,Expand
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In vitro and in vivo metabolism of Lu-AMBA, a GRP-receptor binding compound, and the synthesis and characterization of its metabolites.
The metabolism of (177)Lu-AMBA (AMBA = DO3A-CH(2)CO-G-(4-aminobenzoyl)-QWAVGHLM-NH(2)), a radiotherapeutic compound in clinical development that binds to GRP and NMB receptors, was studied in vitroExpand
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Synthesis, stabilization and formulation of [177Lu]Lu-AMBA, a systemic radiotherapeutic agent for Gastrin Releasing Peptide receptor positive tumors.
A robust formulation was developed for [(177)Lu]Lu-AMBA ((177)Lu-DO3A-CH(2)CO-G-[4-aminobenzoyl]-QWAVGHLM-NH(2)), a Bombesin-like agonist with high affinity for Gastrin Releasing Peptide (GRP)Expand
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Evaluation of an (111)In-DOTA-rhenium cyclized alpha-MSH analog: a novel cyclic-peptide analog with improved tumor-targeting properties.
UNLABELLED The aim of this study was to examine the effect of rhenium-mediated peptide cyclization on melanoma targeting, biodistribution, and clearance kinetics of the alpha-melanocyte-stimulatingExpand
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Radioiodination of Rhenium Cyclized α-Melanocyte-Stimulating Hormone Resulting in Enhanced Radioactivity Localization and Retention in Melanoma
Radiohalogenated α-melanocyte-stimulating hormone (α-MSH) analogs were proposed for melanoma imaging and potential radiotherapy because α-MSH receptors are overexpressed on both mouse and humanExpand
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Modification of the structure of a metallopeptide: synthesis and biological evaluation of (111)In-labeled DOTA-conjugated rhenium-cyclized alpha-MSH analogues.
Rhenium-cyclized CCMSH analogues are novel melanoma-targeting metallopeptides with high tumor uptake, long tumor retention, and low background in normal tissues, which make these metallopeptides anExpand
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Melanoma-targeting properties of (99m)technetium-labeled cyclic alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone peptide analogues.
Preliminary reports have demonstrated that (99m)technetium (Tc)-labeled cyclic [Cys(3,4,10), D-Phe7]alpha-MSH(3-13) (CCMSH) exhibits high tumor uptake and retention values in a murine melanoma mouseExpand
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Evaluation of the human melanoma targeting properties of radiolabeled alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone peptide analogues.
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the human MC1 receptor-mediated melanoma targeting properties of two metal cyclized alpha-MSH peptide analogues, (188)Re-(Arg(11))CCMSH and (188)Re-CCMSH.Expand
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