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Reducing, radical scavenging, and chelation properties of in vitro digests of alcalase-treated zein hydrolysate.
The results suggested that dietary zein alcalase hydrolysate may have the benefit to promote the health of the human digestive tract. Expand
Enhanced microbial reduction of Cr(VI) and U(VI) by different natural organic matter fractions
Although direct microbial reduction of Cr(VI) and U(VI) is known, few studies have examined the kinetics and the underlying mechanisms of the reduction of these contaminants by different naturalExpand
Structural and emulsifying properties of soy protein isolate subjected to acid and alkaline pH-shifting processes.
After the pH-shifting processes, soy protein adopted a molten globule-like conformation that largely maintained the original secondary structure and overall compactness but lost some tertiary structure, which led to markedly improved emulsifying activity of SPI as well as the emulsion stability. Expand
Physicochemical characterisation and antioxidant activity of melanin from the muscles of Taihe Black-bone silky fowl (Gallus gallus domesticus Brisson)
Abstract Melanin isolated from the muscles of Taihe Black-bone silky fowl (TBSF) was examined by amino acid analyzer, ICP-AES, UV–VIS absorption spectroscopy, infrared spectrometry, and elementalExpand
Comparative study of denaturation of whey protein isolate (WPI) in convective air drying and isothermal heat treatment processes.
The bovine serum albumin (BSA) fraction of WPI was found to be more stable in the convective drying conditions than β- lactoglobulin and α-lactalbumin, especially at longer drying times. Expand
pH Shifting alters solubility characteristics and thermal stability of soy protein isolate and its globulin fractions in different pH, salt concentration, and temperature conditions.
Soy proteins structurally altered by pH shifting had a reduced sensitivity to thermal aggregation and a generally lesser effect on solubility. Expand
Thermodynamics of the interaction of aluminum ions with DNA: implications for the biological function of aluminum.
It is concluded that aluminum ions bind to CT DNA with high affinity through groove binding under aluminum toxicity pH conditions and precipitate CT DNA under physiological conditions. Expand
Fate of selected pharmaceuticals and personal care products after secondary wastewater treatment processes in Taiwan.
Pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs) constitute a class of chemicals of emerging concern due to the potential risks they pose to organisms and the environment, even at lowExpand
Addition of antioxidant of bamboo leaves (AOB) effectively reduces acrylamide formation in potato crisps and French fries.
It is suggested that AOB could significantly reduce acrylamide formation in potato-based foods and keep original crispness and flavor of potato matrixes. Expand