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Pathophysiology of acute wound healing.
Wound healing is a complex process that can be divided into at least 3 continuous and overlapping processes: an inflammatory reaction, a proliferative process leading to tissue restoration, and,Expand
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Hydrogen sulphide enhances photosynthesis through promoting chloroplast biogenesis, photosynthetic enzyme expression, and thiol redox modification in Spinacia oleracea seedlings
Hydrogen sulphide (H(2)S) is emerging as a potential messenger molecule involved in modulation of physiological processes in animals and plants. In this report, the role of H(2)S in modulatingExpand
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Internal migration and health: re-examining the healthy migrant phenomenon in China.
  • J. Chen
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  • 1 April 2011
This study re-examines the healthy migrant phenomenon in China's internal migration process and investigates the different trajectories of place of origin on migrants' self-rated physical health andExpand
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A nationwide study of discrimination and chronic health conditions among Asian Americans.
OBJECTIVES We examined whether self-reported everyday discrimination was associated with chronic health conditions among a nationally representative sample of Asian Americans. METHODS Data wereExpand
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The association between self-reported racial discrimination and 12-month DSM-IV mental disorders among Asian Americans nationwide.
Growing research finds that reports of discrimination are associated with mental health. However, many US studies are focused on regional samples and do not control for important confounders such asExpand
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Rerouting lipoprotein nanoparticles to selected alternate receptors for the targeted delivery of cancer diagnostic and therapeutic agents.
We report that a lipoprotein-based nanoplatform generated by conjugating tumor-homing molecules to the protein components of naturally occurring lipoproteins reroutes them from their normalExpand
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Nitric oxide enhances salt secretion and Na(+) sequestration in a mangrove plant, Avicennia marina, through increasing the expression of H(+)-ATPase and Na(+)/H(+) antiporter under high salinity.
Modulation of nitric oxide (NO) on ion homeostasis, by enhancing salt secretion in the salt glands and Na(+) sequestration into the vacuoles, was investigated in a salt-secreting mangrove tree,Expand
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Photosynthetic and antioxidant responses of Liquidambar formosana and Schima superba seedlings to sulfuric-rich and nitric-rich simulated acid rain.
To study whether differential responses occur in photosynthesis and antioxidant system for seedlings of Liquidambar formosana, an acid rain (AR)-sensitive tree species and Schima superba, anExpand
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Attention-Dependent Early Cortical Suppression Contributes to Crowding
Crowding, the identification difficulty for a target in the presence of nearby flankers, is ubiquitous in spatial vision and is considered a bottleneck of object recognition and visual awareness.Expand
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Perceptual consequences of face viewpoint adaptation: face viewpoint aftereffect, changes of differential sensitivity to face view, and their relationship.
Adaptation to a visual pattern can alter the sensitivities of neuronal populations encoding the pattern, which usually results in a visual aftereffect. However, the functional role of visualExpand
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